Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!


7. Will he live?

Eleanor's POV We were all quietly waiting in the private waiting room for any news on Louis. Sure I'm his ex but that doesn't mean I don't still love him. Because I do. As a friend. I was very worried about him. I've never seen him snap like that. I mean he bashed his head into a bloody glass table. I saw he had lost a lot of blood. Honestly I'll be suprised if he makes it. Of course I wouldn't tell anyone that. All of a sudden about ten nurses ran by us running to where Louis was. One stayed behind. "Is he okay?" Niall asked the one who stayed behind. "I don't know." she responded "We don't have enough blood for him. He has a farly rare blood type. It's O negative. Do any of you have that?" (A/n Idk his blood type! I'm not a creeper! I also dk if that's rare but let's pretend it is eh?!) "I do." I said raising my hand. "Do you mind donating some?" the nurse asked. "Not at all." I responded. "Thanks. Follow me." she said. I kissed Niall then followed the nurse. We went in a room and I sat in a chair putting my arm on a table. She styrilized my arm then put the neede in. It hurt a bit but I ignored the pain. Sure he's my ex but I'll give blood to save his life any day. "Are you his girlfriend?" the nurse asked me as she sat across from me to moniter how I responded to the bloodloss. "No. I used to be." I responded. She nodded. After a while I spoke up. "How is he? Honestly?" I asked her. She took a deep breath. "Honestly not good. He's lost a lot of blood. The reason all those nurses ran in there was because he died." I couldn't believe what she said. "If he died why do you need the blood?" I asked a tear falling on my cheek at the word'died'. "Because we were able to bring him back but just barely. We still need to get the glass out of his body. He'll need more blood after that.But unfortunately that'll have to wait until-if he wakes up. We can take some of it out now but he's in such a fragile state he'll need to wake up so his body can get a bit stronger and that's why you're donating blood. For the second procedure to get the glass out." she said. "What percentage of chance do you think there is that he'll make it?" I asked She looked at me synpathetically. "About thirty." she responded. I just sat silent for the rest of the time I gave blood. I can't believe he died. Again. He might even die another time too. For good. Louis' POV I woke up. I still couldn't open my eyes, but I woke up.I was laying on some kind of metal table. A cold one might I add.And I felt people pulling on my skin and touching my face. What the hell? The worst part? I could feel a...breeze...down there. So I was naked, on a cold table, with people messing with my body and I couldn't do anything. I tried to move but again nothing. I couldn't scream either. I suddenly realized I was in a lot of pain. It felt like there were tiny nails jabbing into my skin all over my body. What happened? Then I felt tired again. Iheard a loud beeping noice. I wonder what that was.I let myself relax and fell into a deep- well deeper- sleep. I woke up and saw a white door. I turned the handle and walked in. I saw Lottie standing there wuth her arms crossed and an angry look on her face. I ignored this and ran to her. I hugged her picking her up but she didn't hug back. She just kept her arms crossed. I didn't understand. I put her down and she glared angrily at me. Then I realized something. I didn't know where I was. It looked familiar but I couldn't put a finger on it. "Where am I?" I asked Lottie. "Oh Louis. Where do you think you are?!" she said angrily. Then it hit me. "Heaven?" I asked. She just nodded. I can't believe I died. Again. Then I realized something. "Lottie! This means we can be together again. Forever!" I yelled happily. "Louis What were you thinking?" she asked. "What do you mean?" "smashing the table?What is wrong with you?! Were you trying to commit suicide?" she asked. "What are you talking about? How did I get here anyways?" I asked. She rolled her eyes. "Do you really not remember?" she asked. I shook my head. "Well you'll have to figure it out yourself."she said grabbing my arm. "Follow me" "Where?" I asked. "You'll see." She then took me through another door where we stood in front of a beautiful angel. The one who'd kicked me out before. "Oh Louis." she said shaking her head "WhT are we gonna do with you?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Listen Louis. You are not gonna stay here. It's not your time yet." she said. I was confused. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You're not staying in Heaven." Lottie said. "But why? I wanna stay with you Lottie. I miss you." I said feeling like crying. "Look down Louis." the angel said. I did as I was ordered and saw my naked body laying on a table with a bunch of doctors and nurses around me. I shieled Lottie's eyes. "What are you doing?" she laughed. "I don't wnat you to see me naked!" I responded continuing to cover her eyes. "Too late." she said smirking. "I'm in Heaven. I can see everything. Including how Avery got pregnant." she responded smirking even more. I felt my cheeks get hot. "You saw that?" I asked.She just nodded and smirked even more. "Enough guys." the angel said. "Just look down there." she said again. I again looked down and took in the whole scene this time. Not just the fact I was naked. I was laying on a table, eyes closed and covered in blood. My arms and legs were sprawled out and doctors were rubbing those refibulator things (Finally remembered wht they're called! I think! I knoe I spelled it wrong!) together. A doctor then said clear and placed them to my chest. My body jolted upward and then they did it again. And again. And again. 8I had to turn away. I couldn't watch anymore. "Why are you showing me this?" I asked. "Because it's what's happening right this minute. They're trying to revive you so you can go back to your friends. Your family. Your fans. Your wife." the angel said. Then Lottie patted my back and added smiling. "Your soon- to-be baby." I nodded. But I still didn't want to leave. "But I want to stay with you Lottie. Forever." I said looking at her. "Look down again."the angel said. I didn't want to but I did. I saw all my friends sitting in a room crying or trying not to. Even Stanley and Hannah. All of a sudden the scene below us changed to Eleanor. She was sitting in a chair, needle in her arm, and crying. There was a bag of blood next to her. "What's she doing?" I asked the angel softly. "She's giving blood. For you. Because after you wake up you'll need another procedure to take out the glass." she said. "Well why's she crying?" I asked. "She's worried. About you. She still loves you at heart you know." the angel said. "But as a friemd. Right?" I asked a little worrie. "Oh of course." she said. Then Lottie said. "Would you really want your friend to give so much of herself for nothing?" "No." I muttered. "That's what I thought." Lottie said. "But I still wanna stay here." I said. "Look down again Louis." Lottie said. I looked down and saw the waiting room again."Do you realky wanna end OneDirection just ' cause you were too stuborn to leave? Do you really wanna make all your friends and our family go through the pain of loosing a loved one again? Most importantly Do you really wanna leave your wife alone to birth and take care of a child?" Lottie said. She was right. I knew she was. "Well when you put it that way." I said a smile on my face. She smiled and so did the angel. "So I guess this is goodbye." I said. "For now Yes but you'll see me again." Lottie said. "I hope so Lottie. I really do miss you a lot." I said. "I know" she said simply. I hugged and kissed her again. I looked down and saw the doctors charging up the defibulators again. "One last time." they said. "Ready?" the angel asked. I nodded and she pushed me off of the cloud. As I fell my robe came off but instead of the hospital gown like last time it was replaced by nothing. Then I hit a hard table andthe world again went black
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