Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!


5. Wedding#2 and a letter

Avery's POV I can't believe it! Ahhhh! Today is October 1,2014. My wedding day! Yes I know. We were going to wait till Spring but we just couldn't wait any longer! Especially after spending so much time apart on the tours. We were getting married at a church in West Palm Beach Florida. It's the church I've gone to all my life and my parents,who were also married there, before me. It's really a beautiful church.I'm traditional and the bride is supposed to chose the venue. Ever since I can remember I've dreamed of getting married here. There's over one hundred beautiful stain glass windows in the church. There's a beautiful pearl white alter with brass acents. The floor is all red down the center and the sides along with the actual stage. The rest is concrete. It's simply breathtaking. It's Anglican so it looks a bit like an English church. (a/n This is all true for my actual church I attend.) Sorry enough about the church. After I got Louis to agree we flew all his relitives and friends in. As I walked down the aisle holding my dad's elbow I couldn't help but smile. Sure I was young but I knew this was the guy I wanted to marry. This was the guy I wanted to and was going to spend the rest of my life with. Louis William Tomlinson. It was the same wedding party with my friends and the girls as my bridesmaids and the boys and Louis' friends as the grooms men. Only difference was that Carter was my maid of honor and Stanley was Lou's best man. Him and Harry. They shared best man duties. Mine and Carter's brothers were groomsmen as well. After I reached the alter we Louis was stunned. I guess he liked my dres. Now was time for vows. "Avery I love you with all my heart. I know we're young but we've been through so much together. We've already been through sickness and in health and all that stuff. I love you with all my heart and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." Louis said his vows and a tear of joy fell down my face. "Louis. From the moment I first heard of your band and watched the first video diary I knew I loved you. I always dreamed of marrying Louis from One Direction not expecting I'd ever meet him! But I did and fell even more in love. Like you said we've been through so much.Happiness and sadness. Joy and grief. Sickness and health. Louis I love you so much and now I'll be able to love you everyday for the rest of my life." I said my vows and Louis just stood there smiling. He even had a little tear. We saidour 'I do's', kissed ,then walked back down the aisle. I was married to literally the man of my dreams.We had our reception and luckly no one got too drunk. After that Louis and I borded a plane to start our twelve day honeymoon to Paris and Rome. We flew on a private jet! Ever since I was little I've wanted to visit London, Paris, and Rome. Well now I live in London so we just went to Paris and Rome. It was an amazing honeymoon and we had big news. If you know what I mean. After the honeymoon we got home and opened the door. Where was everybody. "Hello?" we both said at the same time. No one answered. We walked into the living room and saw everyone. They looked terrified. Like they'd seen a ghost."What's wrong?"Louis asked. They said nothing Harry just got up and handed Louis a note. He read it and his face became pale. "Well?"I asked. He handed me the letter not saying a word. It was from the prison Zach and Keith were at. It read. 'You can't keep us locked up forever. We will get out eventually. And when we do. We're comming for you. Starting with the pretty boys' girls who killed our girls.'
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