Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



Niall's POV Today is my wedding day! I'm in my tux and waiting at the alter at the church I grew up in in Mulingar. I heard the music begin and saw her walking down the aisle holding her father's arm. She was breathtaking! She made it to the alter and we said our vows and kissed. Then we walked out and went to the reception. The wedding is on December 14,2014. We wanted a Christmas wedding. So in the last ten months all members of One Direction have gotton married. Wow.Perrie is pregnant! It's due about the same time as Avery and Louis'. In July. I can't wait. Liam and Danielle's kid is due in April and Harry and Carter's in March. We're all excited to have a mini One Direction running around! After the wedding Eleanor and I traveled to Paris for our honeymoon. We had some fun, we ate, it was amazing! We made it nine days so we wouldn't miss Lou's birthday or Christmas. We got home on the twenty-third and everyone was sitting in the living room talking about Christmas and Louis' birthday. After a while we anounced that Eleanor's pregnant. They were all really excited.I joked and told El that was her Christmas present but of course I bought her something as well. The next day we celebrated Lou's birthday by taking him to his favorite places and restaraunt. It was fun. He had fun. Then we had cake and went to bed. The next day we had an amazing Christmas with lots of food and presents. It was awesome! Then a few days later we all took a trip to New York City to ring in 2015. In Times Square. 5...4...3...2...1! We cheered as the ball dropped.I can't believe this year. So much changed. At least we didn't get kidnapped again! We're all married now. Which is just crazy to think. I can't believe where we are. All living our dreams. I have an amazing life I wonder what 2015 holds. Well that was a strange chapter. I feel as though this book is going downhill! I'm glad all the weddings are over! I can now begin the climax of the story. Yes the story's coming to an end. Not too soon but probably within the next month or so. There will be one more dramatic area then the end. It's kinda sad. Read my Wattpad fanfic Second Chances by LaurelRogers! I'd apreciate it! Tell me any ideas! Thanks!
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