Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



Louis' POV "DJ Tommo here and I'll be your DJ for the next hour and a half starting after this song! Tweet me using hashtag DJTommo and I'll answer some questions and read some. I'm already seeing them coming in! Please enjoy this last song before It's my turn to take over!" I said into the mic. I didn't actually know what song would play because I didn't choose it.I started after the song. After I finished talking Little Things came on. I should've known. Though I was really sad about it being the anniversary of Lottie's death, I was still kinda excited for doing this. I love these! I was going to play all songs that Lottie liked. After the song ended I spoke. "I'm Louis Tomlinson from one direction and that was our song Little Things. Now it's my turn to take over. Judging by your tweets to me I assume you all know that today is the aniversary of my sister Lottie's death. Thank you all who have sent me your synpothy. Now for the next hour and a half to honor her I'm going to play all songs that my sister loved starting with this." I said and started playing wonderwall by oasis. I got some more tweets and decided it was time to talk about how she died. It'd be hard but I think they should at least know. After the song ended I said. "Okay that was Wonderwall by Oasis. I love that song and so did Lottie. I'd often sing it for her when she was little and felt sad or just wanted me to sing for her. By the way I forgot to mention that during this time you can watch live from the stations website and see what's happening in hear instead of just listening to a boaring old radio! Next is Lottie's favorite Ed Sheeran song. This is Ateam" I said after the song finished I said. "Louis here. Looking at all your synpathetic tweets I realized you probably don't know how it happened. So let's take a vote. During this next commercial break tweet me whether or not you want me to tell you how she died." After I said that I immediately regreeted it. I honestly didn't think they'd want to know. Stupid Louis! Stupid! I looked at twitter they were all yesses. I thought about what I was going to say then the break was over. "Well guys it looks like most of you wanna know so I'll tell you. It'll be hard and I honestly don't know why I'm doing this but I asked I at least owe it to you to tell you." I took a deap breath and began."As you all know we were kidnapped a second time. I was whipped almost to death, all the girls almost died, you know. Well on August 4,2013 also known as Lottie's birthday we escaped. She went back to get some car keys so we could escape and I went with her. I told her to keep guard 'cause I thought she'd be safe. Little did I know. As I went back to get the keys from Rachel, who kidnapped us's, room and got our cell phones as well. I heard noice as I did this, yet I ignored it. After I had everything I went out and saw Lottie almost dead on the floor with blood all around her. Harry was next to her and Rachel layed dead beside them. I ran over and grabbed Lottie's hand just as she whispered her last words. "I love you." Rachel who we thought we'd knocked out with that gas that knocks you out had aparently not been knocked out. That or she woke up. She had snuck up behind Lottie and grabbed her around the neck cutting her neck and down her body. Lottie probably kicked her making her drop th knife and killed her. Unfortunately only Lottie knows for sure what happened. Lottie died. Saving me. And that is what happened. I don't usually talk about that night so as you can imagine that was very hard. She died. For me. On her fifteenth birthday. This next song has a story behind it. It's another of Lottie's favorites. I'll tell you the story after the song." I said and started playing how to save a life. I was crying. I had been since I started telling the story. Now whoever was watching this has seen me cry. I don't care though. It's for Lottie. As the song played I got a text from my mum. 'That was really brave of you. I love you.' It read. I smiled a bit and wipped my tears just as the song was ending. I told the story of Lottie's eighth birthday. For the next forty-five minutes, which was all that was left at this point,I played Lottie's favorite songs and told stories for almost all of them. I even talked about singing look after you to Lottie that night. I never told anyone most of those stories to those songs. Especially Look after you and How to save a life. I also read tweets and did some shout outs. After the hour and a half was over I said. "Well my time is up. Thanks for listening to my little tribute to Lottie! I'm DJ Tommo signing off. Have a nice day!" I said and left the studio. Niall, Liam, and Zayn had already did their hour and a halves. So only Harry was left. I waited for him to finish and we drove back to our hotel. Ww had a concert that night and I as tired and sad anyways so I went to take a nap. I suddenly woke up to someone saying "Louis. Louis." There was Lottie standing in the corner of the room. "Lottie?! You came back! I miss you so much!" I said. "I know. I just came to say thank you for the show. I appreciate it more than you know. I love you Louis." she said then disappeared. "Lottie! No come back!" I yelled. Suddenly I sort of passed out in my bed falling into a deep sleep. It felt like two seconds before I was awokened by Someone shaking my shoulder. "Louis. Louis. Lou!" They said. "Lottie?" I said groggily and slowly opening my eyes. It wasn't Lottie. It was Harry. "What?" he asked. "Harry is it you?" I questioned. "Yes it's me. What's going on Lou?" he asked looking a bit worried. "What do you mean?" "Well you called me Lottie for one thing." he said. "Oh I did? I'm sorry." I said. "Why'd you do it?" He asked. "No reason." I said. He still didn't seem convinced but shrugged it off. "Well we better get going. Paul's waiting downstairs and we have a concert in less than two hours."he said. "Okay. Thanks for waking me up." I said getting out of bed. He nodded. "of course.""Let me just get changed." I added I still can't believe it's been a year. At the concert many people held signs honoring Lottie. We sang Hey there Delilah as a little tribute to her. It was the only time at any of our concerts that everyone was silent. That was at the end of the show so after all the other boys had left the stage I stood alone with a few tears falling down my face. I sincerly thanked everyone for coming and for their synpothy then I went back stage. I grabbed my phone off the table and turned it on. I hadn't had it on since after Harry's radio show part. I saw I had texts from all my friends saying I was brave for talking about that on the radio. They had all heard or saw it. It felt good knowing they cared. All the other boys understood how I felt. In face they were really sad as well. After we left the arena they let me cry in my bedroom alone. I got some more texts from my family. I also got a call from all my sisters and mum together.. I wish I was in Doncaster comforting my family and not in a hotel in Los Angeles. I still can't believe it's been a year. After that I layed down in my bed and immediately fell asleep. It had been a very long day.
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