Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



A/N First of all I wanna say a massive thank you to the total of zero people who helped me with this chapter! (sarcasm intended)JK. But seriously I really wish I could've gotten some ideas from you guys! I spent like an hour researching and trying to figure out what would happen in this chapter 'cause it basically sets the scene for the rest of the book. Oh well. I figured it out and I just apreciate you reading! I'm not sure how well this will work out but let's just wait and see! Good luck! haha Tell me what you think!!!!!xx Rick's POV Yeah I'm working with Zach and Keith along with some other new people. I posed as the boys' bodyguard for just a day and a half and I must say. I have great respect for Paul and the other guards. That was the worst thirty six hours of my life! So much screaming and the boys are so hard to control and keep focused! How are they all between twenty-one and twenty-three years old! I need to see their birth certificates. They can't be that old and immature! Well anyways. After I gave the "energy" drink to the boys and their wives I called Zach, Keith and some other guys in. We immediately got to work. We have very limited time and a plane to catch. One of the guys, Steve, went and anounced to the audience that the boys were sick and the concert was canceled while the rest of us fought off and/or knocked out the bodyguards. We then locked the room completely and put the boys in body bags leaving a little space to breathe. We don't want them dying. Yet. We're leaving the girls here. They're no use to us and would probably be hurt more worrying about their husbands. After we did this we each grabbed one of the,very heavy, boys. I have Liam, Zach has Louis, Keith has Niall, Steve has Zayn, and another guy, Clide, has Harry. As we walked out the door someone stopped us. "Hey what the hell are you doing?" The man asked in a thick British accent. I immediately recognized it as Paul. This could be fun. I thought to myself as I saw Luke, another accomplice, walk in behind him without him noticing. I motioned to him to help and he nodded. Paul was so busy yelling that he didn't even notice Luke comming behind him with a micstand. He then banged it on his head and he was out cold. After this we thanked Luke and gave Paul some of the drink we gave the others. Just in case We then put him in a bag. Luckily we brought an extra. Then Luke grabbed him and we carried them all out the door and threw them in the back of the truck. Then we drove to the airport and went to the boys' private jet. We already had another acomplice, Kyle, who was a pilot waiting on the plane for us.He'd killed the other pilot and taken the plane. We put them on and immediately flew away. The plane ride was nice consudering it was a private jet and the boys were all out cold. During the flight we made plans and slept. After many hours we finally landed at our destination. Cold and barren Siberia. Well where we are it is.
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