Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



A/n I'm doing a lot of Louis and Louis POVs lately eh? If you haven't noticed I like Louis best. I love them all equally but Louis in my opinion is the cutest. Anyways This is gonna be a bit of a stange chapter. Don't let your minds get too dirty now! ;-) If you read on Wattpad too please read my book called Second Chances (1D) Tell me what you think! Enjoy and tell me what you think! Louis' POV "Wake up Louis." a man whispered in my ear. "Five more minutes." I moaned. "I'm sorry but I can't let you sleep any longer." He said. Who was this man and what's he mean he can't let me sleep?!?! I sleep when and how long I want! For the love of carrots! "Why not?" I moaned. "Because it's time for your procedure." He said sounding a bit irritated. "What procedure?" I moaned rolling over to go back to sleep. As soon as I did this I felt a sharp pain all through my body. I screamed from the pain and my eyes shot open. Then I remembered. I'm in the hospital and I have to have a procedure to remove the rest of the glass from my body from the table I some how managed to break with my head. As soon as the doctor heard me scream he laughed a bit ptobably because he was agrivated with me for not wanting to wake up. Rude! After a minute most of the pain subsided. "What happens in this procedure anyways?" I asked the doctor. "Well you lay on the bed or table and we carefully take out all the glass. It's actually quite a long and agrivating procedure for doctors to try and find every piece of glass and some really deep and hard to get out." He chuckled. I just looked at him. "Well that's reasuring." I said srcastically."Let's get this done shall we?" he said. He then called in some nurses who took off my blanket leaving me completely naked lying on a bed unable to move because of the pain. Lovely. Then a nurse started...inspecting me... "Wait!" I yelled stopping what they were doing. They looked at me. "Aren't you gonna put me to sleep?" I asked a bit frantic and worried about being awake while people...fooled with my body. "Actually no." He said. "Wait what?!" I asked "Actually as this is a minor procedure we don't usually put the patient to sleep..." I stared at him shocked. "Wait a second here." I interrupted him. "You mean I'll be completely awake while you fool with my body taking out deep pieces of glass?!" I asked. He sighed. "Well if you'd let me finish. You won't be completely awake. You'll be in a twilight sleep." he said. "What's that?" I inquired. "It means you'll be almost asleep but not really. You'll still be able to open your eyes but not move. Basically it's pretty much the stuff you have for oral surgery just a bit stronger." He said. "Well why not just use anestisia?" I asked. "Because anestisia is dangerous to use and like I said this is a very minor procedure.We try to only use anesticia for real surgeries and operations. Not minor procedures.You're still too weak for it anyways. You're just barely strong enough for this." I just nodded. I couldn't yell any longer or even speek. Every time I did it sent pain through my body. After another minute they replaced the IV bag with another bag with a different colored liquid inside. I guess this procedure is too minor for me to go into an operating room without a window peering in. I couldn't argue that fact as I was just starting to feel the new liquid enter my body. I immediately felt out of it and couldn't move. After a minute I felt really out of it and started to see the room turn different colors and spin. I smiled like an idiot. It was pretty. I guess this is what it feels like to be high only then you can actually move and speek. I think at least. How should I know?!I felt some people spread my arm and legs and feel all over me. I then started feeling people pull on my skin with metal objects pulling stuff out of my skin which I guess was the glass. Normally I would've been like what the heck are they doing down there?! But in this twilight sleep I didn't mind. This was a really weird feeling. Eventually I felt really groggy and closed my eyes for a second. After a second I opened them to the sound of someone clap. "Okay I think that's it!" He said They changed my IV bag and that was the last thing I saw before I fell asleep. I opened my eyes in a new hospital room. I had on new bandages and a hospital gown. Finally I'm not naked! "Aw You're awake!"Dr. Roberts exclaimed."How do you feel?" "Okay I guess just a bit confused." I answered honestly. He nodded for me to continue. So I did. "How did I get into a new room?, Since when am I wearing clothes? Which I'm not complaining about but still. And how did the procedure go?" I asked. "Okay First off what's the last thing you remeber?" He asked me. I thought about this. "Closing my eyes for a second then you saying you were done and my IV bag being changed." I said. "Okay well first of all you didn't close your eyes for a second you closed them for almost two hours." he said. "But I thought I wasn't supposed to fall asleep?" I asked. "Well some people do and you happened to be one of them." he said. "You actually closed your eyes right as it was time for us to remove the glass from your back and face." He said. I'm glad. It probably hurt like hell when they rolled me over to do that. "How long was the procedure?" I asked. "About three hours. There was a lot of glass." he said. "After we got it out of your back and head was when you opened your eyes and I said we were finished. A nurse changed the IV bag and you went back to sleep. Then we cleaned you up, changed your bandages, got you into some clothes, and moved you to a regular room." He said. I nodded. "Thank you. Thank you for helping me and taking care of me. I really need to be more careful huh!" I said. He laughed. "Well I'm glad you're feeling better. Do you need medicine or anything?" he asked. "Actually my head is killing me and my whole body burns." I said. He left then returned five minutes later with medicine. I took it thankfully and it helped me feel better."Some peiple would like to see you. Are you up for visitors?" He asked. "Honestly I'm really tired and not really up to talking. Could you ask them to come tomorrow and tell them I'm sorry?" I asked. I love them all but I really need to rest.He looked at me then nodded. "Sure. I'm glad you're not forcing yourself." he said. "I'll let you rest." Then he left the room. I closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep. A/ n Told you it was a bit strange! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go save my carrots from Louis! ;-)
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