Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



Louis' POV Since the tour started we've all been a bit happier. Even me until a few days ago. I became angry all the time and fought with the other boys over pointless things. Then I figured out what it was. It's almost the one year aniversary of Lottie's death. *About two days later.* "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Lottie! Happy birthday to you!" I was in the dining room at my childhood home.I didn't know what was going on then I saw the number 8 all over the place and birthday balloons. And a cake. A big cake. I remember this. This was Lottie's eighth birthday party. I was fourteen. "Time for presents!" my mum said and we all brought our cake to the living room to finish eating. There was a gigantic pile of presents all axressed to Lottie. My granddad was there and so was the rest of my family and a few of Lottie's close friends. Even my dad was there who my mum divorced a couple years ago. After she had opened a few presents my mum said "Okay Louis."Pronouncing it Lewis since I hated being called Louie. "What'd you get your little sister?" Everyone looked at me expectingly. I realized I had forgotton to get her a birthday present. Shoot. I thought quick. Then it hit me. "Um Lottie." I said "I didn't know what to get you so I decided that you can tell me what you want. You can ask for anything." I said she looked deep in thought. "I want you to sing for me."she said "Sing?"I asked. I got really nervous preforming around people. In fact I hadn't really ever sang in front of anyone. "Yeah. Sing me a song."she said smiling. "But I can't sing."I said. "Yeah you can I've heard you in your room and in the shower."she said "You sure you don't want a nice big carrot?"I asked. "No I want you to sing Please!"she said. I gave up. I went over to the piano and started playing one of the only songs I knew how. I looked down the whole time not wanting to make eye contact. "Step one you say we to talk He walks You say sit down it's just a talk. He smiles politely back at you. You stare politely right on through. Some sort of window to your right as he goes left and you stay right. Between the eyes of fear and blane and you begin to wonder why you came..."I sang How to Save a Life by the Fray. One of my favorite songs. After I finished evetyone was silent. I felt my face go red and a tear stream down my face. "Thanks Lottie! Thanks for making me make a fool out of myself!"I said and ran to my room sobbing. After about fifteen minutes there was a knock on my door. "Go away!" I yelled but it was muffled by my pillow. Eventually my door opened and my mum walked in. She sat on my bed. "Louis."she said "What's wrong baby?" "What's wrong?! Lottie just made me make a fool out of myself infront of my whole family!"I yelled not looking her in the eye. "Louis you didn't make a fool out of yourself..." I interrupted her. "Yes I did!" "No Louis you didn't. Why do you even feel like that?" she asked but then immediately answered herself. "Is it because nobody clapped?"she asked. I just nodded sheepishly. "Aw Lou. "she said hugged me as we sat on my bed. "We didn't clap because you were bad. We didn't clap because we were stunned. We've never heard you sing before. You have an amazing voice!" "R...really?" I sniffled. "Yes Lou I promice now wanna come downstairs and tell your sister you're sorry?" she said "I feel too asamed to mum. I'm fourteen years old and just ran out of an eight year old's party crying." I said "Aw Louis. Don't be ashamed. It was a reasonable mis understanding. And if you go downstairs I'm sure you'll find you hurt your sister's feelings pretty bad." "Okay. Thanks mum. I love you." "I love you too Boobear."she said kissing my forehead "Don't call me that!" I said smiling "Okay now get cleaned up and come downstairs when you're ready."she paused "Boobear." she finished smiling I chuckled and then cleaned up my face. I went downstairs and apologized to Lottie. Everyone was happy to see me and complemented me on my singing. I guess mum was right. I loved that memory. It was when I realized just how much I wanted to sing that day. All of a sudden a couple of years skipped to a sadder memory when when I was sixteen and Lottie was ten. It was the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep because there was yelling going on downstairs. My parents. They were fighting. Again. All of a sudden Lottie ran into my room with her teddy bear and tears falling down her face. "Louis are they fighting again?" she asked That broke my heart. "Yes Lottie they are." I said sadly. She walked over to my bed. I hugged her. "Can you make them stop?" she asked. "No Lots I can't I wish I could. Do you wanna sleep with me tonight.?" "Yes please." she said "Okay. Let me just check on your sisters." I said and walked out of my room towards Felicity and Phoebe and Daisy's rooms. Yep they were fighting again. The worst part? It was Lottie's tenth birthday. It hurt me a lot but I always had to be strong. For my sisters. The others were asleep so I went back to my room. I got in bed next to Lottie and held her in my arms. After awhile she said "Louis I can't sleep. Can you sing to me?" she asked. They were still fighting and I wanted to cry myself but I stayed strong. "Sure Lots." I said "If I don't say this now I will surely break. As I am leaving the one I wanna take. Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait. My heart has started to separate..." I sang Look after you by the Fray softly in her ear. I always sang this song to her when she was upset. By th e time the song was finished she was asleep. They were still fighting. I sighed this happened way too often. I thought then fell asleep to the yelling of my parents. Suddenly the scene changed once more. "Louis Can you take the girls to the park?" My mum called to me. "Must I?" I asked. "Yes."she said. "But muuum!" I groaned. I was going to hang out with Stanley today. "Please." she said. " Fine." "thank you!" She said I was seventeen now. I got the girls and we walked to the park near our house. The younger ones played while Lottie and I watched them sitting on the swings. She was eleven now.After a while she spoke. "Louis?" she questioned. "Hum."I said "You should go out for Xfactor." she blurted out. I stared at her in shock. "W..what?" I asked chuckling a bit. "You should audition for this season of Xfactor." she said again like it was no big deal. "Lottie. I'd love to believe me. But I don't think I'm good enough. The people that do it are extremely talented." I said. "You're extremely talented!" she argued. "Lottie I..." I was interrupted. "Please!!!! Think of it as an early birthday present." she said. "I don't know..." I started but was again interrupted. "For me!" she said. I couldn't say no. "Only if you pick my audition song." I smiled. She smiled. It took her about two seconds to say "Hey there Delilah! Sing hey ther Delilah!" She said. "Okay. Help me practice?" "Of course!" she said. I hugged her. "I love you Lottie." "I love you too Louis!" We then walked home together. Suddenly I opened my eyes. "Lottie!" I said Then I realized it was all a dream. It was all stuff that really happened, memories, but it was just a dream. I looked at the clock. It was 8:45 a.m. But worse it was August forth. The aniversary of her death. I cried a bit but then decided she wouldn't want to see me sad. Realizing also that I had an interview in two hours I got out of bed and got dressed. It was a radio interview where I run the show for about an hour. After I took a shower and got dressed I had an idea. I had to honor Lottie. I'm going to do that too. With this interview. A/n I'm not sure any of this stuff happened I just thought of it. I actually like thi chapter. Comment! Like! FAVORITE!!!!
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