Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!


13. HOME!

Louis' POV "It's Sunday! Sunday! Finally it's Sunday! I get tobleave this boring place today! Sunday! Sunday! Finally it's Sunday! I get to go home from the hospital today! Finally! Finally! Yeah! Finally! Finally! Yeah! Harry's picking me up to go home today!" I sang sitting in my bed dacing around and eating a carrot. I had my laptop on the table over me and was taking a video to send to my family to tell them and to celebrate the trend #Louscominghome on Twitter. I was singing my own randition of the annoying Rebecca Black song Friday.My versians better! Just when I'd finished Dr. Roberts came in. "Looks like someone's excited to go home today." He said. "Hahayeah!This place is sooooo boring!" I answered.He laughed. "Yeah I guess it is. If you're gonna sing please keep it down. You're disturbing other patients and you're not going home anyways. Not till Monday." He said. "What?!" I asked shocked. "Just kidding. But seriously. They keep complaining."He said. "Haha very funny." I said sarcastically."But I will can you appologize to them for me?" "Sure."He nodded"So how are you feeling today?" He asked me "Excited to go home butmy head still hurts really bad. And my hands and feet do ocaisionally." I answered honestly. Then he laughed. "Well you did smash it into a glass table!" I laughed in spite of myself then winced because my head really did hurt. "Well your head is going to hurt for a while. I'll give you a perscription for it when you leave that should help a bit. Do you feel dizzy when you stand?" He asked. "Honestly. I don't know. I haven't been out of my bed since Wednesday.Except to occaisionally use the bathroom. And I heven't even done that since yesterday afternoon.But not much 'cause it's hard." I said. "That's not good Louis. You should have at least gotten up to walk around a bit.Now you'll feel dizzier longer and it'll be more painful to move." He said. "Try standing. See if you're dizzy." He said I nodded. He gave me the walker and I carefully got out of bed gripping it tightly. Before I even took a step I felt dizzy. As soon as I stood I immediately felt dizzy, my head hurt, the room spun, and I felt sick and like I migh throw up. Because of this I sat down on the bed before taking a step. I closed my eyes and held my head. "You okay Lou?" He asked. "Yeah." I answered. "How do you feel? How'd you feel when you stood?" He asked. "I felt really dizzy, sick, and like I'd pass out. Right now my head really hurts and I still feel dizzy." I answered. "See Louis. If you'd gotten out of bed more you would already be able to walk without pain." He said. I nodded. "You'll have to use a wheelchair and go to theropy until you feel comfortable again." He said. Again I nodded. Just then Harry walked in. "Ready to come home?" He asked. I looked at Dr. Roberts. "Yrah he can leave. Let me just do some tests and help him get ready." He said. Harry nodded and left the room. I had the tests, signed the papers, and Doc helped me get ready to go. I was nice to wear real clothes again. Then Harry wheeled me out of the hospital Then we drove home. When we got home I was engulfed in a hug. Then I wheeled into the living room where the table still hadn't been completely picked up. "There was alot of glass." Carter said laughing. I smiled and nodded. "Yeah sorry 'bout that." I said "It's fine. We understand." Niall said. "If you don't mind I'm gonna take a nap on the sofa since I can't go to my room." I said. "Yeah you can." Harry said. And before I knew it he picked me up and brought me upstairs carefully setting me down on my bed. "Thanks Haz.!" I laughed. "Sure. Just call me when you wanna come downstairs." He said and left. I got under my covers and fell asleep.I didn't wake till the next morning. "Harry!" I called after I smelled bacon. He ran up. "Carry me?" I asked like a child. He laughed and brought me downstairs where I had some delightful bacon. Then Harry brought me back up and I took my medicine, which by the way did help,then I took a bath, and Harry helped me and change into some sweats and a white tee shirt since I was still wearing what I came home in yesterday. Then he brought me down to the couch and I layed down. After a while everyone came down . "What?" I asked since they were all staring at me. "We need a plan." They all said together.
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