Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



HOLY SHIT! I am SOOOO sorry I haven't updated in so long! It's going on three weeks! I'm sorry. I'm updating now though!:-)But like I said before this story really is getting worse and worse and worse. So there probably won't be too many more chapters. I'll update more often! I promise! Read my Wattpad fanfics! Tell me what you think! xx Louis's POV The boys, Paul, and I have been in this hell hole for about a week now. Freezing to death might I add. The only food we've had is a piece of bread every other day and a tiny glass of water every day. When we haven't been planning our escape we've slept. So far we've been cut, beat, and basically just hurt. This is awful! But today, Today is the day. Today we're getting out. Over the past week we've accumulated and hidden supplies. Liam even took Keith's knife when he wasn't looking. We've saved the ropes from when they've tied us to chairs to beat us. Hell we've even got a chair. These people really aren't very smart. "Coast is clear." I whispered as I heard snoring from outside the room. They nodded and we made our way to the unlocked door. They think since they have guards they don't have to lock it. You think they would've learned their lesson from last time. We had the knife, ropes, and chair. I quietly opened the door and we quietly snuck out. We decided to kill anyone who gets in the way. I remember what happened last time, but this time us different. We are getting out. We snuck past the two guards and into some other room where Keith and Zach were watching something on TV. We snuck behind them and were about to escape but we heard a scream. We turned around and Zach had his arm around Harry's neck holding a knife to it. "Harry!" We all yelled. Suddenly all the other guards were around us and closing in. They all had guns or knives. Suddenly Paul, who had the knife stabbed one of the guards. When he fell he stabbed another and another. Then he stabbed Zach who dropped Harty to the ground. "Go!" Paul said "But Paul.." "No! Get out! I'll be fine!" We nodded and grabbed a very weak Harry. All the other guards were either on the ground bleeding or trying to get to Paul. As we walked out of the building we heard a gunshot. "Paul!" I yelled heading back towards the building. "No Louis. He's gone." Liam said sadly pulling me away. "But..." "Louis..." "Okay fine."" Goodbye Paul." I whispered as we walked away from the building and found a new horror. We're stranded in the middle of Siberia with nothing but a chair, a rope, and a thin blanket. I'll update within the next two or three weeks. I have a play that I need to learn lines for on May 8 I think and eighth grade graduation on May 24 or 26. so wish me luck! And actually it may not be for a month because of that stuff and finals. Sorry.
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