Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



Zayn's POV We were all sitting in the waiting room crying. Eleanor had come back and told us what the nurse had said. I can't believe there's a good chance my best mate may die again. Forever.It's hard to bare. After about forty-five sice Eleanor had told us a very tired looking Dr. Roberts came in the waiting room. We all immediately stood up. "Well?" A very red eyed and tired Avery spoke up. I felt so bad. She just got married and now her husband may be dead. They never even had children! "Well it took a lot of work but he's alive." we all breathed a sigh of releaf but I could tell there was more. "But?" I asked. "But just barely. He actually died again during the surgery for about thirty minutes. He came back from the last recesitation shock we did.." We were all in awe. How can someone die twice? And still be alive. "Is he awake yet?" Liam asked. "Not yet but I expect he will be within the next hour." he answered. "Can we visit him yet?" asked Carter. "Not until he wakes up. Sorry. But I'll get you as soon as he does." he said then left the room. After another hour and a half he came back. I was worried. He'd said an hour but it's been an hour and a half. We all stood up again. "Well he took longer than we expected it to but he's awake." Dr. Roberts said. "Can we see him?" I asked. "Yes but be careful.He literally just woke up. Like two minutes ago. And he was dead for a while." He said. Then we followed him through the halls to an intensive care room. Since it was Intensive Care there was a window that you could see him through from out in the hall. "Wait here." Dr. Roberts said. While I waitedI looked in the window to see my best mate topless and covered in markings. He had a bunch of tubes and moniters connected to him, bandages all over him, and a white blanket covering only from his hips down. He looked awful. Nearly unrecognizable. "I think someone wants to see you." the doctor said smiling as he walked out of the room. We quietly walked in the room to see the very weak looking and banged up Louis laying flat on the bed with his hands to his sides. "Hey guys." he said in a very feeble voice. "Hey Lou." we all responded Louis' POV I woke up this time being able to open my eyes. I saw I was in a hospital room still completely naked only covered from my hips down.I looked around more and saw there was a window looking in the room and I was conected to a buch of machines and moniters. I also had bandages literally covering my body. I tried to move but I couldn't. I was in far to much pain. It hurt so bad. What happened anyways? Last thing I remember is handing the letter to Avery. I don't even remember exactly what it said.As I tried to remember what happened Dr. Roberts came in. "Well good to see you awake." he said. I usually would reply with some cheeky comment but this time I just said. "Yeah. What happened?" I asked. "I need answers Louis. Again." he said. "But I don't have them myself." I said realizing just how weak my voice really was. "Well maybe you could ask your friends here. They really want to visit you." he said motioning over towards the window.I started turning my head but he stopped me. "Don't look Louis. You're in too critical condition." he said. I obeyed. "Wait what do you mean? I woke up. How can I be in critical condition?" I asked. "I'll tell you in a minute. Are you up for visitors?" "Yeah." I responded. He then went to I guess the door. I wasn't allowed to turn my head to know for sure but after a couple seconds I was surrounded by all my friends. "Hey guys." I said weakly. "Hey Lou." They all said almost in unison. Creepy. "Kiss me." I barely whispered loking at Avery. She smiled and ran over. She then kissed me on the lips. It was only a quick, short, kiss. I was too weak to move anyways so she had to lean prtty far over to do it. After she did there was a corus of "Aww!"s I just blushed a bit and then said what I hoped I would finally get the answer to. "So what happened this time?" "You don't remember?"Liam askes shocked. "No.Last thing I remember was the letter. What did it even say again?" I asked. They had shocked expressinons for a moment then snapped out of it and Liam explained. He first told me what the letter said and I felt rage build up in me. I clenched my jaw and wanted to punch something. I think Dr. Roberts noticed because he said. "Calm down Louis.You can't do this. Not now. You'll hurt yourself more and won't be able to have the second procedure. They're in jail anyways. It's only a threat." he said He kinda lost me at second procedure. "Wait second procedure?" I asked him. He nodded. "You need one to get the rest of the glass out. Your body was too weak to before so if your body is stronger tomorrow you'll have it. Thanks to Eleanor here you have the blood for it." he said. "Wait what? Eleanor you gave me blood?" she nodded. "Thank you." I saiid. "Yeah we had to use so much for your first surgery there wasn't enough left in the hospital." Dr. Said. "Wait!Then I realized something glass? Was that why I still felt weak and tiny things digging into my skin. I wasn't completely healed yet. "Wait glass? Liam please continue. I'm dying to know what happened." I said. He continued. "Well after you read the letter you went a bit crazy. You ran over to the glass coffe table and began smashing you fists against itignoring us telling you to stop. You then proceeded to kisk and stomp on it barefoot and then got to your knees and again started punching it.I tried to pull you back from it to stop you but you wouldn't budge. Just when you were about to give up and so was I you gripped the table's edge even harder and smashed your head against it shattering it...""Wait what?" interrupted him."I broke that fancy glass table with my head?! " They nodded. "I'm so sorry. That was a nice table and I broke it!" I said. "Hey." Zayn said. "We don't even care about the table breaking..." he sang We laughed a bit then Avery spoke. "Yeah Lou. We're just glad you're okay." she said and kissed me a gain. The Liam continued. "Anyways after the table shattered you looked extremely dizzy and weak but you managed to stand up and face me. I asked if you were okay and you responded 'just peachy.' Then you laughed a bit and asked me why I was red and before I uderstood what you meant you passed out at my feet.Perrie immediately went to get cloths to help with the profuse bleeding comming out of your feet, hands, and especially your head. I went to comfort Danielle because she can't stand to see too much blood and Niall took over soaking the blood on your hand for me. When I got back Niall suggested we go to the hospital but I voted against it. Then I saw the pool of blood you were laying in and finally agreed. We than covered the back of the car with towels and put you in. We then headed to the hospital and Dr. Roberts took it from there.He'll have to tell you that stuff." I nodded then realized something. "I remember. I remember freaking out and breaking the table. I felt so disoriented I felt as though I was in another worl.I guess I thought you were red because of that and the blood comming out of my head which by the way is killing me." I said they all looked happy I remembered. Dr. Roberts gave me some morphine for the pain through a needle since I couldn't move. This hurt but it made me feel better. "So why am I lying naked in a bed doc?" I asked him. All my friends looked shocked. I guess they didn't think I was naked. He laughed abit then said. "Well when they brought you here some nurses and I put you on a stretcher and wheeled you immediately into surgery. We had origionally planned to just take the glass out so you had to be naked 'cause it was literally about everywhere. Then we realized just how much blood you'd lost and how feeble you were. We cleaned you all up and tried to get the glass out that we could.As we did this you heart moniter went flat. Louis. You died. Again." He said. His words hit me like a bullet.
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