Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



Avery's POV Louis read the letter not saying a word He looked pale too. 'You can't keep us locked up forever. We will get out eventually. And when we do we're comming for you. Starting with the pretty boys' girls who killed our girls.' After I read the threatening letter I just dropped it to the floor. I couldn't even speek. I was so shocked. My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon to find a threatening letter? What the hell?!?! I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard something break on the floor. I looked over and saw that glass cofee table was broken and Louis was behind it. Louis' POV I read the letter. My face went pale and I was speechless. They're after my wife. They're gonna stop at nothing to kill her and Carter. Probably killing the rest of us in the process. "Well?" I was snapped out of my thoughts from Avery. I handed her the letter without a word. She read the letter and her face went blank. She just dropped it to the floor. I couldn't take it any longer. I had to punch something. Everyone was staring at me except Avery. She was in her own little world of fear. So she didn't notice what I did next. I really couldn't take it any longer. My fists were clenched, I was violently bitting my lip which started bleeding. I really needed to punch something. I looked for something to punch. There it was. The coffee table.The glass coffee table. I felt tears threatening to spill as I ran over to the table. Before anyone could protest I angrilytook both my fists and slammed them on the table. Everyone started to protest but I ignored them. I needed more. I started kicking and stomping on the glass. That wasn't enough though. I got on my knees and began to again punch and punch the glass harder each time. Crying-no sobbing- hysterically and yelling cuss words as loud as I could. My hands were bleeding and hurt like hell but I didn't care. Eventually Liam came over and tried pulling me away but I held onto the table. Before I let him take me I grabbed the table even tighter and brought my head down upon it. Shattering it into a. million pieces. I immediately regretted that last move as I felt extremely dizzy. Everyone was saying something. I couldn't understand it though. I tried standing up and did some how. I was facing Liam. Why was he red? The whole world became red and everyone had like two heads. What is happening? I was completely out of it. "Are you okay mate?"Liam asked. "Yeah I'm just peachy." Then I laughed a little. "Liam why are you red?" Then everything went black. Liam's POV While Avery was too stunned to move after reading the letter Louis went bizzerk. He ran over to the glass coffee table and before we could protest began punching it like a mad man. His hands were bleeding like crazy and looked extremely painful. He ignored our yelling for him to stop and proceeded to actually kick and stomp on the table. Then he got on his knees and began sobbing hysterically while continuing to punch the table through our protests. I had to do something. I couldn't just watch my best mate kill himself. I ran over and tried to pull him away from the table. I grabbed him from the shoulders from behind and tried as hard as I could to pull him away but it wasn't working. Just when I felt he was about to give up he grabbed the edge of the table even tighter and before we knew what he was doing, he brought his head down upon the table shattering it into a million pieces. Damn that had to hurt. "Louis? Louis? Are you okay?" was all anyone could say. After breaking the table he tried standing up and looked extremely dizzy. He stood up infront of me and looked me in the eye. "Are you okay mate?" I asked. "Yeah I'm just peachy." he said then he laughed a little "Liam why are you red?" he asked then he passed out in front of my feet. Everyone ran over. Louis was uncontious at my feet. His face and hands were covered in blood. "Grab some cloths quick!" I said and Danielle left to grab them. "Shouldn't we try to wake him?" Carter asked frantically. "No. We should get him fixed up first."I said Just then Perrie came back with the cloths. "Thanks." I said then began trying to soak up some blood from his left hand while Harry did his right hand and Perrie did his head. Then I noticed he was also bleeding fom his feet. Then I saw he'd already taken his shoes off and since he doesn't ever wear socks, he'd kicked the table barefoot. "Zayn you and Eleanor get his feet" and they immediately each grabbed a towel and a foot. "Liam I'm starting to feel light headed." Danielle said. Then I remembered. She can't bare the sight of too much blood. Ip got up and ran to her. "Niall can you take over for me?" I asked and he immediately sat by Louis and took his hand. I went into the hallway with Danielle. "It's okay babe breathe in in out. Deep breaths. " She did as I said and looked a bit better." You okay?" I asked. "I thi k so. Thanks Liam." she said We went back in the room and she grabbed my are tighter at the sight of Louis. I patted her back wispering it's okay just breathe in her ear. "Should we take him to the emergency room?" Niall asked still holding Louis' hand with the now blood stained towel. "Nah. I think he'll be fine. Let's just take him to his room and let him wake up." I said. ""Liam He's bleeding like crazy! He'll need surgery or at the vary least stitches!" Niall yelled. I looked at my bleeding and uncontious friend laying in a pool of his own blood and realized just how bad it was. Niall was right. " You're right Niall. Everyone get twels and line the back seat of the van. Then we'll put him in and drive him to the hospita. Asap." They immediately obeyed and in less than five minutes we were in the van driving to the hospital.When we arrived in the all-to-familiar back entrance of the hospital we were greeted by the doctor that usually saw Louis when he was in the hospital, Dr. Roberts. (a/n He finally has a name!) He quickly got some nurses and a stretcher and carefully put Louis on it and wheeled him in."What happened this time?" Dr. Roberts asked as we all took our seats in a private waiting room. We explained it to him and he looked at us sympathetically. "Do you think he'll be okay?" Avery asked. I forgot she was here. She hasn't spoken a word since "Well?" when she asked about the letter. "He's lost a lot of blood. I honestly don't know." Dr. Roberts said Then he walked out of the room. And we waited and waited and waited. Dr. Robert's POV I can't believe that Louis Tomlinso is dying in my hospital again.This boy really needs to think more! Yes I said he's dying. He's lost about sixty percent of his blood. In other words there's about a thirty percent chance he'll make it. He's in surgery right now. We tried to just stitch him up but we couldn't. He hurt himself extremely badly. I didn't want to tell his friends that he may not make it though. I didn't want to make them any more worried. We're working on him right now. All of a sudden his heart moniter started making a loud alarm noise and the line went flat. We grabbed those shock things that you rub together. "And clear!" I yelled as I pressed them to his bare chest. His body jolted upward but the line was still flat. We tried again and again. Eventually we reached the limit of times you can do this to a person. We'd been working at this for like thirty minutes and we still had to remove more glass. "One more time!" I said to them they nodded. "And Clear!" I yelled As I brought them down on his chest I said "Please live Louis! Please! For your friends, for your family, for the fans, for your new wife, for your future child. Just please Louis!" and prayed he'd live. A/n WOAH! CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Haha I'm evil! Read my new Wattpad fanfic? It's called Second Chances by LaurelRogers Tell me if you do!!!!!
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