Reasons (Sequel to Taken by Suprise)

"Everything happens for a reason." Right? Zayn always says life is a rollarcoster. Well ours is and has been since that day we were taken by suprise. Now we're finding out the reasons
SEQUEL to Taken by Suprise. Read that first!



Louis' POV Today is Thursday. I've been in this miserable hospital since Friday. I am so bored! On Friday I had the surgery. On Saturday I had the procedure to remove the glass. On Sunday, even though I told them they could, I didn't want visitors. Not even Avery. I was in extreme pain that day. I couldn't even move. I tried to skype my family back in Doncaster but I could only talk for about five minutes. They understood though.I spent the whole day trying to go to sleep to rid myself of some pain. It was hard to even sleep but eventually I did but was awakened hourly by doctors asking how I was. On Monday I felt a bit better and visited with my friends for about two hours then the pain got worst and I was exhausted. I skyped Doncaster for about half an hour.Tuesday was pretty much the same except I talked for a bout three hours. And again I skyped my family. Wednesday I felt quite a bit better. I visited for quite some time and could even sit up in bed and get up to use the bathroom. I even took a short walk through the hospital with a walker and my IV bag. That didn't last long as it was quite difficult. Today I feel about the same as yesterday but because of all my activity yesterday I'm actually in quite a bit of pain. So I think I'll stay in bed until I get out on Sunday. Even though I'm in pain I still managed to visit for a while. Eventually everyone left except for Avery and Liam. Danielle had to go back to work. "I'm booored!" I said to Liam who was on his phone. He laughed and looked up at me. "I'm sorry mate what do you want to do? Do you wanna walk around again?" he asked me. "I have no idea. There is nothing to do here! I'd take a walk like you said but because I did so much yesterday I'm in too much pain today. Got any ideas?" I answered. "I could wheel you around?" Avery asked. "No. It hurts. I honestly feel like I did on Monday and Tuesday. In too much pain to get out of bed." I said. She nodded. "What's on the telly?" Liam asked.I turned it on and looked through the channels a couple times. "As usual absolutely nothing!" I answered. They sighed. "Did you skype your parents?" Avery asked. "Yeah I did this morning." I answered. "What about a twitcam?" Liam asked. "That's a great idea!" I exclaimed then winced in pain from the sudden movement. He laughed and said. "I was just joking!" He said. "I wasn't." I said. "It sounds fun to me." Avery said. "Looks like we're doing a twitcam!" Liam said enthusiastically. "Can you roll the tray ta le thing overwith my laptop?" I asked Liam. "Sure." he said and grabbed it.On Sunday Harry brought me my laptop so I could skype and wouldn't be as bored while I'm here. It was on one of those tray table things that rolls and can go over the bed but stand on the floor. It's kinda hard to explain but they usually have them in hospital rooms. I had moved it so it wouldn't be in my way while I had visitors. Liam pushed it over to my bed. "Thanks." I said. Avery's phone rang. Her ringtone was me saying "It's a pinataaaaaaaa!" from the 1D "House party" back in 2011. I find it funny she uses it. (A/n It really is my ringtone!) I smirked as she read the text. "Shit." I heard her mutter under her breath. I looked at her. "Sorry babe. Simon wants Carter and me for a meeting and rehearsals." she said sadly. "It's okay. Trust me I understand!" she kissed me and then left. "And then there were two." I said to Liam. He laughed. "Do you still wanna do the twitcam?" He asked. "Hell yeah!" I said. He laughed again and then turned on my computer that was still sitting on the table. He signed in with the laptop turned away from me. He motioned for me to be quiet then he spoke into the camera of the computer. "Hey guys!" he said waving. "I have someone who wants to say hello!" He said and turned the table so the laptop was facing me.I was a little suprised at first 'cause he hadn't said he was doing this but I snapped out of it pretty soon. "Hey guys!"I said waving then winced from the pain. Liam then walked behind the bed. "Send in your questions and ideas!" Liam said from behind me. I looked at the feed. All of the questions were like are you at a hospital and what happened and why I had bandages all over me andthat stuff. "Well as I can see you're all wondering where we are." I laughed then winced in pain"Well as you can see I am in deed in a hospital." I said. "Yeahh. He smashed a table with his head!" Liam laughed. "A glass table." I added. Then I saw some asking where everyone else was and why the hell I smashed a table with my haed. "The boys are in different places or working and the girls are working." Liam said. "Okay I bet you're wondering why I smashed a table with my head." I said."Funny story. First off. It is a very bad idea to smash your head into a glass table. It causes a lot of pain." I laughed. Liam laughed too. "I'll try to make it short. I'm in a lot of pain now actually. So what happened was we got a threatening letter from our previous kiddnappers from prison. It happened right after Avery entered the house from our honeymoon. I was so angry and so shocked that while Avery read it I ran over to this fancy expensive glass table in our house and started pounding it with my fists. I then proceeded to kick and stomp on it with bare feet. Another bad idea by the way. Then I got on my knees nd started punching it again. Liam here tried pulling me away but I wouldn't let him. I kept on punching it even though he was pulling me away. Er trying to. When he was about to get me away from it I gripped it tight and smashed my head into it shattering it into a million pieces. I felt really di zzybut didn't feel much pain 'cause I was so out of it. Somehow I managed to stand up and faced Liam. He asked me if I was okay and I said peachy. Then I laughd and asked him why he was red and passed out at his feet. Apparently I lost a lot of blood. Especially out of my head which is why I thought he was red. That and again I was really out of it. I woke up in a room but couldn't move because I was actually in surgery at the hospital. I then heard a beep and woke up in Heaven. Yes I died again. For half an hour. In Heaven I talked to Lottie and an angel who showed me my body my friends and Eleanor donating blood for my second procedure the next day.It was funny. My body was naked down there and when I saw it I covered Lottie's eyes. She told me it's okay because she's in Heaven and she can see everything. So she's seen me naked. Lottie and the angel then forced me out of Heaven ad I woke up in the hospital naked except for a blanket. I was explained what happened and then went to sleep. I woke up and had to immediately have the second procedure to remove all the glass from my body since I was too weak the day before. I layed completely naked and in a twilight sleep while they fiddled with my body to get out the glass. The twilight sleep is when you're almost asleep but not quite. It made me feel high. Not that I know how that feels! After an hour I closed my eyes for a second but turns out it was two hours. I then awoke to my doctor saying he was finished and then fell back asleep. When I was awake I was in a new room wearing clothes and had new bandages. Aparently I fell asleep right before they turned me over to get more glass out. I was happy 'cause it would've hurt like hell. The next day was extremely paunful but I felt a littl better each day. Yesterday I did so much though 'cause I actually got out of bed that today I'm in quite a bit of pain. And that's my story!"I said
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