Discretionary consciousness

Reevaluation of self and perception of the world after ending a passionate affair. There is a lack of discretion without another to review your thoughts and correct their feral nature. To be stripped of civility. These are unapologetic thoughts without fear of retaliation all too ignorantly. To know pervasive doom that stuffs up rooms. To sleep lawlessly to dreams that could convict you. Where does one learn to love when to hate can seem more realistic at times? A recurrence of apathy being the resulting end to all emotions for all their grandiose design. The catalogue of thoughts of an excommunicated individual or some random rogue. half meant half not at considerable loss


29. unbeknownst to the beholder

activity rising in the air

I should have thought about more


taking refuge in comforts comes so much easier

The empty home abandoned by host and guests

only return is inevitable

sleep if you can for hope of dreams revealing a better future

yet the dawn brings no difference

to gain joy it seems one must employ every faculty

communal hazard! members lives all too secret!  locked away with worry....

so many towns you wonder if the dead outnumber the living

the lights are growing dim in every eye

I see gray illumine the pale flesh of a culture primed with paranoia

we need color freshly applied before we're drained dry by these vampiric abstractions sinking

their sanitized fangs into us


what paint could brighten this playground of devils?

 would it not simply bubble up and blister to peel off?


every flake in every hue shed without regret

these souls are soaking in the colorations of doom

vegetables that sustain only the hardiest of beings

driven to dine on this harvest gathering below

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