Discretionary consciousness

Reevaluation of self and perception of the world after ending a passionate affair. There is a lack of discretion without another to review your thoughts and correct their feral nature. To be stripped of civility. These are unapologetic thoughts without fear of retaliation all too ignorantly. To know pervasive doom that stuffs up rooms. To sleep lawlessly to dreams that could convict you. Where does one learn to love when to hate can seem more realistic at times? A recurrence of apathy being the resulting end to all emotions for all their grandiose design. The catalogue of thoughts of an excommunicated individual or some random rogue. half meant half not at considerable loss


30. historic cataclysm

                                                       thinking headlong

                                                         scanning sky

                                                       horizon clearing

                                                           am I going


                                                           we all are

                                                 inferno surrounding tower

                                                  our steeple temple top

                                              the pinnacle of our pyramid

                                                        blazing energy


                                                      of our eternal eye


                                                  downfall  more distant

                                                than uninhabitable planets

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