pregnate with niall

selena has an ok life besides the fact that her mother and brother die in a car crash 2 years earlier when she was 16 and now being 18 her father is forcing her to move out and get a job but that dosent come easy for a blounde with red highlights but she has to get a house when she has a dog named kok and is a husky and a turtle named slow and a hamster named lily.


1. move?




        last year i gratuated and now my dads making me move out with my dog koko and my turtle slow and my hamster lily ug why and he says i have to get a job like really i just walking down the street in my mustache shirt and skinny jeans with uggs. then it hints me when a car passes playing a one direction song...



     Im moving to london! 


i run home and run in the house into my room ignoring my father and i grap all my clothes and a bag and some hats and my tooth brush and my jewelary and grab tell my dad im moving he smiles and says goodbye not asking where im moving to i run outside and run to the airport which is like 11 miles away. i finally arrive and bye a ticket and i get on the plane my seat is next to a blounde who has eating a hotdog i couldnt see his face "hey im selena" i sya to him "hey im niiall" he says with a mouth full of food l dont be such a pig!" a curly haired one says "well sorry ii m hungry" niall says "hahahah" i laugh out loud of the text my friend sends me saying one directions on my plane "yeah right in my dreams i replie

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