pregnate with niall

selena has an ok life besides the fact that her mother and brother die in a car crash 2 years earlier when she was 16 and now being 18 her father is forcing her to move out and get a job but that dosent come easy for a blounde with red highlights but she has to get a house when she has a dog named kok and is a husky and a turtle named slow and a hamster named lily.


2. 1D on my plane?!


   the lady on the plane says we have 16 minutes left in till were in London,ugh i cant wait i hate planes i just found out crappy food loud peps and i am apperantly scared of hights but the blounde i didn't really catch his name when he said it through  food but he's really cute!!!! 

   the plane lands and when get off the plane when we do there A LOT of girls screaming and shouting "we love you 1D!!!!!!!" then it hits me 1D was on my plane!!

i have to get Niall's autograph he's my fav and i was sitting next to him on a plane!!!!! i start walking over to him but then a car pulls up and he gets iin a bam hes gone. How could i be so stupid! i ask myself over and over again Niall Horan was on my plane sitting next to me and i didn't realize it good damit im so pist at myself.

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