ruined love

sophia is louis tomlinsons best friend forever as they say well when louis meets eleanor sophia gets well sad shes not being included in the activities their ddoing .and so on.


2. Coming Home

                      March 27, their coming home I just cant wait for Louis, well be at the park having fun just like when we were kids.

     ''Knock,Knock'' THEIR HERE YAY! I slammed open the door to find Louis hugging another girl. ''Hi Louis and .....''  ''Eleanor''

she said sweetly. ''Hi Louis and Eleanor''. After that I could just  feel Louis eyes glaring into me as if I just killed his mother.''Well me and Louis have to go skating only because he promised wanna come Sophia?'' right then I didnt know whether she was just being nice or actually wanted me to come .''uhh sure''  I said planly .


                                  Louis  P.O.V

          Im so glad Eleanor met Sophia but I dont think Sophia likes Eleanor .''umm Sophia can I talk to you -in private sorry Eleanor'' ''Okkk?'' Sophia said .Eleanor must have been staring off in space because she didnt respond.As me and Sophia walked into my room I shut my door. ''Whats up?'' Sophia said casually as she ploped down on my bed.''uhhhh well I kinda like'' ''Eleanor '' she said as if she was reading my mind. ''Yeah how did you know''? ''Well the way you hugged her and the way she came to the apartment you happen to be living in'' ''Oh yeahhhhh'' I said dumbly.




            Authors Note

sorry for the short chapter next one will be longer I promise . So please comment if you like please dont read it if you dont like it bye.





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