There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


12. working time

Ashley P.O.V

i woke up to my brother and dad yelling at each other i hurry to the bath room and took a bath then put on my red jeans and white top and my red toms and curl my hair then took my purse and went to my brothers room hey hey hey i said he was super mad ur dad is a fucking asshole he said my dad u mean ur dad i said well that one he said i laughed sis i love u but im moving out he said nooooo u cant i said almost crying im sorry boo he said wat ever were  are my car keys i have to go i said madly there they are he said i took the keys and left i went to cristal house to pick her up hey gurl hey she said my brother just told me the wrost news ever i said what happen she asked he is moving out i said aww boo but dont worry she said im not i said now lets go to our job before we late i said 

Cristal P.O.V

my brother is moving out 2 but i didnt tell her my phone buzzed i had a knew message it was zayn what the hell how he got my number.

" hey beauty"

hey zayn

wyd i got to talk to u later now i have to do something 

kk bye

well thats was something soo ashley were we going after work i asked idk maybe to arianny house said ashley  yeah i did to tell her so much she had been way to busy after she got her boy friend i said 5 min later we  arrived at our job which was starbucks 

The ladS P.O.V

hey im  bored as fuck said lui i know right lets go eat or something said niall lets go to starbucks said harry yeah lets go said zayn and they went to star bucks 

normall p.o.v

the lads arrived to starbucks they didnt know the girls work there they had on there hoddies and sun glasses ashley went over to them not knowing that it was 1D hello im ashley how may i help you she said ashley wat  doing here said liam oh hey i work here said ashley does cristal work here said zayn yea she is the cashier said ashley and he got up and went over to cristal




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