There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


7. why me why always me

Ashley P.O.V

it was my last class of the day with harry for somereason he is in  all my clases and he is such a flirt like i knew but not he was that much the bell rang hey ashley can u come over today harry asked me i cannt i m signing in for the play and i want the led role so i have to be there at 3:16 i said oh u want me to come with u he said as we walk to my locker and his locker happen to be right next to mines no liam is coming i said what u and him go out he asked i was in  shock what harry just becuase to people hung out doesnt mean they go out and he is doing the play with me i said closing my locker oh well thats i good thing he said with  cheeky smile uhfff i said and we went outside to meet with the others hey guys i said hey they said back cristal remember i cannt walk with u today i have the play thing i said noo why now i'M going to be alone said cristal not if i can change that said harry what the hell is he doing omg harrry harry harry well guess u found ur self a buddy i said they all laughed liam we got to go i said wait what if we all come see u guys said niall well ok said liam and we all walked down to the gym after a girl named lucy it was my turn and then liams turn ok so the leds are liam james payne and ashley camil hernandez said ms.mak the acting teacher she was irish omg i got the part i mean we got the part i said cheering. 20 min later i went home by myself cuz cristal was going to the lads house when i got there my mom was crying on the floor mom are u ok i asked worried my mom looked at me and said  honey ur dad is leaving me for a fucking hoe she said no mom i said now with tears on my face she got up from the floor ran to her room and locked the door i ran after her she got the gun out of my dads dresser and there was silence and then a shot mom open the door i yelled  i got the extra keys from the kitchen and open the door when i did i saw my mom lying on the floor with blood coming out of her head i started to cry on top of her dead body my dad came and saw the front door open and ran to see if we were ok omg honey what happen he said looking at my mom she is dead because of u i yelled and ran to me room my hands my shirt and pants were cover with blood why me why my mom NOOOOOOO

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