There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


21. who the fuck or what the fuck

ashley p.o.v

ok ok wait wat one day he over here telling me harry is not right for me an other day he over here with a girl this bitch aooooooo let me clam down and forget about him and foucs in my baby harry lol bae want to grab something to eat i said to harry who was sitting next to liam's girlfrend yea sure lets go he said omg thanks god he said yea ashley i want to come said cristal me 2 said zayn me 3 said niall me 4 said lui guys it was only for me and her said harry no thats ok u can come i guess liam wants to be alone with daniell is it i said yes it is she said  what about us we need to be alone 2 said harry with puppy eyes i gave him a kiss better i said much better he said and we left soo there is this party said lui oh that party im not going i here it gets to wild i said what party said niall there is this rich kid named matt hunter who every year throws this epic party he spends a lot  of money on it ad only invites the people he likes and if ur invited its like an awesome deal well big deal i heard ppl get drank and stuff  said cristal wow did u 2 ever get invited asked niall yea but i only went for 4 min and ashley mom didnt let her go said cristal yea he invites us every year i said well when do u know ur invited asked harry get this in the morning when they are doing the pledge he comes on and says  who is going  i said cool said harry so we going said lui dude u have to get invited said zayn i think this year is going to be different seen is the last high school year and i heard them planing who they were going to tell us who is going said cristal i hope im not invited i said party poopor said niall i just laughed

the week of school !!!!!

cristal p.o.v

i slept over ashley house we finally got that us day it was fun i forgot how fun it was to hung out with only her and nobody else only my gordies and mee we were ready for school we got there and waited in the coner for the lads hey hey hey said ashley hey loves said the lads hey  boys hey i said we hugged all of them and ashley and harry kissed i saw liam get mad so i pulled ashley away from harry we saw matt hunter with a loud speaker ok listen up this year every one is invited to me party he said the only thing u heard were poeple yelled but there is going to be a v.i.p section and only the 10 ppl  that i pick can be in it he said

i knew this year was going to be different and wow v.i.p cool i hope im one ok let me put it right every popular kid is in the v.i.p but i pick 10 not so popular kids so they can join us i will let u know who they are later on the day dont forget iit this sunday  now u may resume with wat u were doing he said wow lets go to class said ashley yea said harry and niall and they left we followed them cant wait till lunch thats when he going to say the top 10 ahhhhhhh

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