There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


11. what

zayn P.O.V

now was my chance to get cristal we went to pick her and ashley up when we got there ashley an cristal were out side play fighting with to boys me and liam got off the car and walked upto ashley and cristal hi girls said liam oh u  here said ashley yup lets go i said looking at the boy who was hugging cristal from behind ok she said trying to get the boy off of her oh liam zayn these are our brothers frandy is mines and felix is cristal said ashley when she said that i felt soo good so he wasnt her boy friend or friends with benefits god thankyou felix if u let go of me maybe i could leave said cristal bye kitkat by skitels said frandy by the girls said and we left on are way there niall wouldnt stop messing with cristal  not going to lie i was mad

Normall P.O.V

ashley and liamm were dancing and niall and cristal were dancing lui and harry were dancing so it was just zayn sitting

Zayn P.O.V

when niall and cristal got back i took cristal hand and we went outside are u ok she asked me no i'm not because seeing the girls of my dreams dancing with best friend is not ok and knowing that she  may like him i'm going crazy i said she looked confuse i took a step closer to her cristal i like you soo much ur the reason i get up for bed to go to school every morning i liked u ever sence u keep to our house i said zayn i-i-i i dont know what to say she said then i moved even closer now her lips were 1in away from mines  do u like me i asked she truned her head i didnt think twice before doing what i did i trun her head so she would be facing me and i kissed her ......... she pulled away from the kiss yes zayn i like u so much she said i laughed thats a good thing i said and then niall came hey guys every one is wondering were u at he said we coming she said and walked away and went inside 5 min later she and ashley went to the bathroom and she left her phone so i took it lucky for me she didnt have a password i saved my phone number and then called my self so i would have hers then put her phone back on the table

cristal P.O.V

ashley zayn kissed me is said putting on more lip gloss what he did ahhh she said yes and he told he likes me i told her omg u soo lucky and do u like him or niall or  lui she asked i like lui as a friend and idk about zayn and niall they are both just sooo i said before she cut me off look at the time we better go tomorrow is my frista day at work she said ok i said and we went back

A/N hey guys thanks for reading i love yall soo much i hope u like it plz like and comment and this chapter is for my awesome friend whoi love soo much wat i'm i saying she not my friend she my sister love u cristal



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