There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


13. what the hell

cristal p.o.v

so im working and i see a boy with a hoddie coming up to me yes how may i help u i asked hi bae he said i looked at him omg hi zayn i said i need to ask u something he said sure ask away i said so are we going out or are we just really good friends he asked i looked at him confuesed why u ask me that i said cuz the kiss and wat i told u last night he said well MR.Malik that is up to u i said  so is a yes he said i laughed finally u my baby like i dreamed he said before ashley came u have to be working and u go to ur table she said fine i said and started to count money zayn blowed a kiss at me and left to sit down he is soo omfg i dont even have words to describe him wait sexy yup he sexy CRISTAL my goodnest why are u smiling like a fucking retard ashley yelled shaking me oh im sorry i was day dreaming i said well start working before u know who comes she said not even our stupid mean ulgy boss can ruin my day ahhhh XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love my zayn

Zayn p.o.v

hello earth to zayn yelled niall at me oh im sorry i said wats up with u bro said luiis a girl said harry yea and she my grilfriend her name is cristal i said what the hell i though u liked ashley yelled niall at me dude i told u i didint like ashley that way the only people her is liam and harry i yelled wait dont u put us in this said harry what u like ashley yelled liam cough cough said ashley helllo we said hoping she didnt heard us i just need ur cups she said and left with the cups do u think she heard us said lui of course u was loud ass fuck said harry   anyways   zayn why did u asked cristal out u knew i liked her yelled niall listen bro i love cristal and i was brave to tell her that now leave me and her be happy and im sure she dont want to be with a leprechaun from ireland  i yelled burn yelled liam liam james payne i got a spoon and im not scare to us it said niall holding up the spoon soo liam could see it wow wat a nice weapon said ashley every one laughed hey ash wat time cristal finish working i said in about 5 min she said oh u 2 right i asked no i know u and cristal go out soo she is going to be with u today and i have nun to do so im doing extra work she said oh cool i said well yeah bye see u later sshe said and left

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