There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


15. well well welll

liam p.o.v

when i sa ashley walk in with harry i was in shock they skiped school together wat the hell no just no back away from her curls soo i see u skiped school together i said trying tp sound like if i was not mad yea said harry ashley why are u soo wet said niall because harry made us get wet she said laughing ulalala and then kissed under the rain said cristal laughing i got mad nooo said ashley and harry ummhuu

ashley p.o.v

ok im in shock i date harry styles ahhh ok clam down so girl ur staying over right said pual no i cant  i said i have to leave to said cristal what why said zayn cuz ihave to  see good bye to my bro who is going to texas idk why said cristal me 2 i said ok bye guys bye bae said cristal ill walk u out said zayn cristal hugged every one and her and zayn went out side well bye guys i said giving niall liam and lui a hug and harry of course he gave me a kiss on the cheek i will call u later he said ok bye i said and left with cristal when we were in the car tylor swift came on the radio i knew u were trouble when u walked in shame on me now i sang noooo!!!!!!!!!yelled cristal adn changed it then you belong with me came on ur on phone with girlfriend she is upset shes going of abt something that u said cuz she doesnt get ur humor like i do i sang fooo real cristal yelled i laughed if u can see that im the one who understands you i sang i trun off the radio i got to tell u something i said what she said im dating harry i said whta she yelled making me stop the car ik i said noo what ever happen  to liam she said in shock  idki think i like harry more or something cuz u when he asked me outi had the wried feeling i said omfg im soo happy for u she said hugging me when we got home it was all crying cuz our bros left im going to miss them soo much.


cristal p.o.v

its morning another day at stupid school omg and i will die if ashley cuts today i went to pick her up walking of course cuz my mom dont want to buy me a car soo mean and slef fish  wen i got there she  was getting in the car hey gurl hey she said hey i said get in hurry she said ok i said and went to school when we got there the lad were there in the coner we always meet cristal go ahead i have to give something to miss banzoff i will right there she said and i went to the lads

ashley p.o.v

i lied to her i had to go find william he had been going around saying i had sex with him and i wanted to put in  end to this


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