There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


22. the top 10

Ashley p.o.v

omfg the only thing u heard today was the party the party the  party like give it a rest and i think is every nice of matt to invite every one this year it was time for lunch me niall and harry walked down  to the cafe harry had his arm around me and niall was texting somebody when we got to the cafe we spotted lui with tammy and as soon niall saw anyha he left us so it was only liam me harry cristal and zayn then matt hunter got on top a table with loud speaker ok listen up the top ten are he begun Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan,Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Anyha lebron, eleanor p ,ashley hernandez, cristal campos,tammy gracia he said  omg omg omg omg said cristal  cool said zayn awesome said liam then matt came over hey sexy he said hey matt i said so hope to see u at the party on sunday he said oh well ok i said  bye sexy bye cris he said bye she yelled bye matt i said  well how rude he didnt say hey or bye said zayn he is like that said cristal yes he is i said yea and he had or has a mayor crush on u said cristal shut up i yelled he does said harry madly yes and she use to like him said cristal omg im going to kill her she is a omfg what u did yelled harry yes i did but i love somebody else now i said who he said mad even ,madder u silly i said and kissed him before he did anything else zayn took a pic ha im going to but it on twitter how u feel niqqa said zayn lol go ahead idc said harry i laughed so u mad at me bae i said with puppy eyes aww bae i would never stay mad at u he said and kissed me again ok ok ok said liam ah thats what u get bitch so liam how is daniell i asked who he said ur gf i said oh she is fine said liam u dont know how to lie bitch ssaid zayn and we all laughed  what u say if we skip school well the class we have left and leave said harry no we have to stay said liam dont come and go all daddy direction on me hell no said harry lets go said zayn yup lets go said cristal evry one looked at me liam was expecting for me to say no but im sick of people saying that im a goddie goddie now im not i do bad stuff yea lets do it i said evryone mouth droped open harrry idk why u soo surpirse this is not the frist time we skip school i said true he said and laughed see i told u harry is no good for u said liam shut ur mouth said harry and we left it was such a ruch god we almost got in trouble  for the frist time ever i never felt so freeeeeeeeee its a new ashley forget the old broing ashley 

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