There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


6. the next day

Cristal P.O.V It was 7:30 I woke up and went to the bathroom ashley already had woken up she was eating I like sleeping over at her place I feel like I have a real family becuase ever seen my dad died and my mom got a new boyfriend a week later my house been crazy my bro use drugs and him and mom are always fighting and my dad abuse my mom cristal...cristal hurry I heard ashley yell coming up the stairs i'm coming god I yelled back when I came out the bath room I see her dam u look cute girl I said thanks she said can u help me do something with this hair plz I begged her sure she said and got her curling iron Liam P.O.V I cannt believe harry he had to start school in 2 more days and he wants to start today wat a jerk just so he can see ashley and cristal ok larry is going to school said lui what u are coming to I said yes and zayn said lui omg eveven better just great u know what class u have said niall all of them said zayn no I mean ur homeroom teacher said niall I got ms.flishmen said harry u with me said niall I got ms frangos saif lui so do I said zayn u guys with me and cristal I said then what we waiting for lets get to school said niall Ashley P.O.V We got to school I didnt feel in the mood to be new school so I was day dreaming then I heard a men's voice a irish accent ashley he said the way he said sounded like it was his 3 time calling me yes I said are u ok said liam um yea I said hey said lui hey said cristal I didnt know u guys were coming today I said we changed our minds said harry lets go inside said cristal ashlye harry is in our class said niall good lets go I.said and we wnet to class
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