There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


16. thats me

harry p.o.v

when i saw cristal i had a big smile but when i saw ashley wasnt with her it went away now dont get me wrong i love cristal but i wanted to see my boo she didnt pick up the phone this morning hey cristal i said hey u she said were is ashley said liam oh she went to get something or do something she said 3 mins later ashley passed by super mad she didnt even say hi to nun of us and then a boy passed runing after her oh no said cristal what i said and she just didnt answer and left we followed of course

ashley p.o.v

wait ash listen to me all i want is u said william keep clam because when i was on some US shit u was on some YOU shit now that im on some ME shit u tryna be on some WE shit abit nobody have time of that bullshit i just want u to stop saying to people that i had sex with u cuz is not true u just mad cuz i left ur ass and u mad cuz u stil love me i said evry one who was walking by stoped and stared we were in the middle of the hall way im not mad because im the one who ended everything in the frist place he said niqqa plz the only reason i got back with u is to get regaven so shut the fuck up dickhead cuz u just got played i said thats how u feel now oh  wel the only reason i asked u out was because my brother dared me he said every one was looking at us realy did he also dared u to say to people that we go out when we didnt i said he loked at me and laughed u just a joke dont u get it u a hoe going around having sex with boys for monye he said ok i just cant believe this niqqa oh shit about to get real , if im a hoe like u said why didnt i ever kiss u i said the people started to gather around there u go u over here saying im a hoe bitche u  was my second boy friend i had ever had and none of u was my frist kiss and u saying im a hoe ha ha ha u know what fuck u and fuck this shit i said EXCUSE ME, BITCH im not done he said haha u not done bitch please u didnt even start i said ok lets keep it real i stil love u wel i used to that is why i said that lie abt u he said -OH I kept it real and i dont ned ur love i said andi left him alone

 cristal p.o.v

we saw ashley's litle show with wiliam dam now she is realy over him so im guessing thats was ashley boyfriend said lui wow u so smart said hary i just laughed wow i love the lads and zayn a litle more lol


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