There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


5. Meeting the lads

Liam's P.O.V We got in the car hello lads said pual hey I said I see u made new friends said pual yes yes we did said niall 10min later we got home hey lad said lui hello there said harry loking at ashley and cristal guys these are our friends said niall she is ashley and she is cristal I said vas happening said zayn omg nice to meet u i'm a mega directioner said cristal I laughed aww cute and a directioner said harry cristal was blushing ok then come in girls I said Normall P.O.V The girls were seating on the couch u want something to drink said liam yea coca said cristal I want the same said harry me 2 said niall me 3 said lui I want punch said zayn I was asking the girls but sure I will bring u this said liam I will help u said ashley and they went to get the sodas so cristal tell us abt u said lui well i'm in 12th grade i'm 18 and I live with my mom and step dad said cristal are u single said harry harry u cant go around asking people if they are single said nial no olny cute girls said harry cristal laughed yes I am she said thats a good thing said harry meanwhile in the kitchen ... Liam was getting zayn's punch soo wat u thought of the school said ashley good said liam so I bet you signed up for footvall said ashley I cant said liam oh yeah I firgot lol said ashley yea so its boring said liam not if u sign up for the school play said ashley I dont think its a good idea said liam oh come on its fun said ashley how u know said liam I signed up for it said ashley oh then I will try said liam and they went back to the living room ............ Ashley P.O.V It wad 6:30 .. I had to do something but I cant remember wat it was they my phone rang it wad mom oh no thats what I had to do I had to call her and tell her i wwas going to be late M: hello A:mom I know u mad i'm sorrry I forgot to call M: honey u had me worry A: I know I wil be home in 10 min Well she didnt kill me maybe she saving up all her anger for dad what happen liam asked me oh I forgot to tell my mom I was going to be late but no biggi I said so ash u single said harry yup single and ready go mingle I said they laughed we should get going i said wait how old are u said zayn 18 I said oh ok good said harry well lets go cuz mom not home yet and I want to get clothes so I can spend the night over said cristal ok I said do u want me to drive u said harry no thats ok I said no yes u can said cristal no we can call a taxi I said no we will drive u said liam fine I said and he and harry drove us home
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