There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


2. Meeting new ppl

umm excuase me do u know how to get to olney high school one of the boys asked me with his irish accent umm if u want u can walk with us we go to that high school cristal said umm sure said the other with a british accent hey my name is cristal and this is my bestie ashley she said hey hey hey I said hey i'm niall and this is my friend liam hey he said we stared walking in the direction of the school so what grade are u in I asked we in 12 grade said niall really us 2 said cristal u know what class u have I asked yea they said good so u dont have to go to the office I said wat are the teachers name cristal asked I have ms. frango said liam u with me said cristal I have ms. flishmen said niall welcome to pain town I said they laughed why they asked well ms.flishmen is the meanest teacher ever said cristal oh come on u are over reactig no we not I said we walked in the school yard cristal ashley yelled my other bestie arienny she walked over to us hello I said hey hey she said and gave me a hug and cristal look he is liam and he is niall they new and liam is in our class said cristal Liam's p.o.v So a new school great why did simeon want us to go to school and the wrost is that lui and harry and zayn are coming in a week and me and niall have to start now but it dont matter cuz met to nice girls and one of them is in my class well niall we better go to class before ms.flishmen has a heart attack said ashley lol ok lets go said niall well bye then I guess see u at lunch hood luck I said he will need it said ashley oh I got scared said niall and they left shouldnt we going 2 I asked yes lets go cristal said I hope all me other classes are with u I said lol wat u got next she said social study and then sciene I said oh no I have reading and then socil study but good news u are with ashley and at the and u have reading write she said yup I said and we went to our class
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