There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


19. me and you are better

1 week later

Liam P.O.V

i told ashley i liked her last week seen then things between me and her has been crazy i still cant believe she would date harry that player he dont want her but life is life we were on spring break  thank god school is almost over liam if u dont hurry up we going to be late said niall im coming dont rush me god i yellled back and went down stairs there was ashley and harry on the sofa playing wii and cristal and zayn kissing lately they do that  a lot lui is seeing this girl name tammy he met in school she pretty cool and niall and anyha are friends now so yea im the only lonely one so u rushing me but look at them i said guys we have to go lets go said lui wait a min can u said harry this ass hole god i hate him i won yelled ashley no fair u cheated said harry what how she said then he pulled her close and kissed her god i hate him omg i just wish she could see that she belong with me not him because she lights up my world like nobody else harry take ur loser ass to the car cuz simon is going to kill us said zayn fine he said and we left the girls went home 

ashley p.o.v

lets go shoping said cristal ok i said and then i got a text message 

"hey ash i know that u and harry are a thing but i just want u to know that

baby  u light up my world like nobody else i love u and im not giving up on u 

he is not right for u he will only break you leave u all tron apart like the rest 

of the girls he dates i love you no one in this world love u more then me"

omg it was liam he keeps on saying that and he wonders why i dont talk to him i think is better to keep our distence whois it harry said cristal no liam i said oh no she said i laughed and trun the radio on hey i think we should have some us time just like the old days one whole day wth out boys u and me shoping eating and singing and dancing said cristal wow thats a surprise to hear u say that but sounds good to me i just dont know if u and zayn can take that u  cant be 2 min together without kissing i said she rolled her eyes 


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