There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


3. Lunch time !!!!

 Liam's p.o.v

finally it was lunch time i was walking with ashley to the lunch room so what do u think of the school she asked me umm pretty cool i guess i said are u ok she asked me yea why i said becuase u didnt take ur hoddie off in class or ur sunglasses so its strange she said is that i cannt i said why not she asked me if i tell u well show u promise me u wont scream i said trying to trust her ok she said a took off my hoddie showing her that i was liam payne from one direction  she  cover her mouth i laighed and put my hoddie back on omg u are liam payne. She said in shock yea but u cannt tell anyone not even niall that i told u this cuz i told pual for my own safety i wouldnt tell anyone i said ok she said when we went in the lunch room i saw niall cristal and that arienny girl seating in a table by the window

Ashley P.o.V 

i am in shock i was hunging out with liam payne and i didnt even know how stupid of me his name his accent it was totally in my face all along we sat at the table with the others after we got our lunch ashley guess what said cristal what i said one direction is coming here on sunday omg she yellled liam giggle what said cristal nun said liam and look down at his food eww look at that food good thing i have my own food said arienny geting out a spoon from her backpack ahhhhhhh spo spo spo spo spo spoon yelled liam moving away from arianny  what the hell yelled cristañ what i said tryinh to act normall  this is to much to take idk if u know this but is name  is liam he has a british accent and he is scared of spoons just like liam from 1D said cristal oh no she is on to us she knows every thing  i looked at  liam its becuase i 'm he said  cristal believe him right way and made him sign her phone cover and  her ipod cover so now that u know the truth want to hung out after school said niall i felt like if i was about to have a heart attack sure i finally said wait if  u are that mean lui harry and zayn are here said cristal lol they start in a week but u can see them after school said niall bitting his lip omfg said cristal fangirlling i'm not sure if it was cuz niall and his lip or meeting the other lads  nooooooo lunch is over i have math next liam walked me to math here we go he said i laughed  i think i been long enough in this school to know were math is at we laughed

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