There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


17. lunch time lunch time

Harry p.o.v

hey guys ashley said finally she comes it was about time u come said liam oh im sorry i didnt know u was my dad said ashley laughing he is daddy driection u know said niall every one laughed hey what was all that about said lui all wat she said with that boy i said oh he is my ex trying to be cool but no she said u go girl it was about time u said all that to him said cristal ok im just confused we better go said niall yea ur right i said not becuase i wanted to go to class but i wanted to be with ashley she sits next to me in all our classes  

zayn p.o.v

cris can u come here i said what she said coming close to me i took her hands and we went out in the school yard how may i help u she said i got to tell u something i said zayn cant we wait for later becuase we are going to be late for class she said no it cant wait i said grabing here waist and pulling her closer to me then wat is it she said i pulled her even closer now her lips were 2 inches away from mines  write when i was about to kiss her the teacher came there is no boo loveing in my school both of have to stay after school with me today said the teacher umm sorry but that doesnt work for me i said and grab cristal hand and we left 

                       ....        .....         .......

the day passed fast it was now lunch time 

harry p.o.v

i was walking with ashley to the cafe so u didnt pick up my calss i said my sorry bae i didnt have my phone she said this is the frist time she called me bae before i said something to her frist ahh 


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