There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


9. it was about time

                                                                      2 weeks later

Ashley P.O.V

it had been crazy in my house the last 2 weeks my brother is now in 2 drugs and my dad moved his stupid shoe in the house so now i have a new step mom and we are moving in 2 days to a new house but i dont want to move i'm still going to be in the same skool but still omg omg omg ashley look there is a sale on shoes we got to go said cristal i laughed sure after the play which is about to start see u later i said break a leg boo she said ok i said and weent back stage

Liam's P.O.V

we hadnt partice much cuz ashley's mom thing but i'm pretty sure i,m going to do alright the one thing i was worried about was the kiss i had tokiss ashley to end the play  it was time to go on stage ......... for the closeing act said ms mak no josh why not leave stay with me said ashley i have to i said and kissed her we got off the stage and people were claping

Cristal P.O.V

what the hell ashley didnt tell me she had to kiss omg maybe cuz she knows that i know that she got a crush on him ahh hh what if she likes him cristal lets go said niall we were the only people still there oh my bad lets go i said and got up we left

normall P.O.V

hey guys did great said lui thanks said liam i know u liked that kiss said harry ashley was bliushing shut up why u always eating said niall i'm always eating dude u eat 4 cupcakes 2 pizza and 5 alppe juice said harry every one laughed how abt if we go clubing said zayn cool said cristal sure said ashley ok so we pick u up at 9;00 said lui yeahwe have to go shoping said asshley yey for shoes said cristal want us to drive yall said zayn no thanks we will take my car said ashley and they left

the lads P.O.V

harry you are an ass why would you say that when ashley was there said liam i'm sorry but if u like her and dont tell her someone else might take her said harry really like who u said liam i like cristal said niall what no cristal is mines said lui well well well said harry looking at zayn what said zayn   why dont u tell us u like ashley said harry no i dont said zayn pushing harry oh come on zayn u can totally see it in ur eyes said lui liam looked at him the war for girls has begun said harry laughing hey nros before hoes said niall yup they all said and hugged each other


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