There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


24. friends me and her

    ashley's p.o.v

kim had helped me get ready she did my hair and make up and let me use her cute golden heels seen my dress had golden on it and i had none "u look cute'' she said ''thank u listen i need to talk to you ''i said sitting on my bed and patting the other side showing her to sit next to me '' yes honey '' she said siting next to me '' i know i haavent been the best to u and i wanted to say sorry for acting stupid and i pormise u i willl change and be a better person'' i said letting tears come down my eyes ''noo noo bae not cry ur make up and thats ok  i understand u tell u what lets act like nun of that ever happen'' she said '' i want us to be friends kim '' i said '' sure'' she said and huged me then we heard a knock on the door so she pulled out of the hug and went to see who it was i grabed my phone and followed kim down the stairs


harry's p.o.v 

me and niall planed everything out we picked up cristal and the lads and now the only one missing was my baby ashley i knocked on the door and her step mom opened the door ''hello kim '' i said  hello she said hey baby i said as i saw her coming down the stairs hey curls lets go she said ok bye kim i said bye kim see u later said ashley bye guys dont be so late she said with a smile and we walked to the car she got in the passengers seat and off we went to the party damm ash u look sexy said lui i looked at  him just saying the turth said niall ashley and cristal just laughed no mofos she is mine only mines bitchez 

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