There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


20. curls

Ashley p.o.v

so i was in my bedroom when i hear yelling coming from downstairs i went to see what was happing dad i said honey i got bad news he said i looked at him i dont want no bad news wat is it i  said ur brother..he died last night in a car my dad said like if he didnt care what i said i started to freak out i wish it would have been u and not him u and the slut of urs i yelled and run out of the house i knew what i said was wrong but i ...i just hated the reason my family is dieing cuz of her ugh 


Harry P.O.V

i picked ashley up from her house and she looked better how dare u she said looking at me what i said confuse ur killing ur curls get that hoddie off now she said joking around im soo glad she will be ok abt her bro thing i know its not easy for my anglecake bae so i was wondering something she said what tinkerbell i said i called her tinkerbell cuz she lookes like tinkerbell lol do u love me she said i feel offeneded that u think i dont love u i said she giggle i pressed my lips against her and then liam had to come "cough cough'' excuase me said liam i pulled out of the kiss what u want i said harry said ashley am sorry boo i said can i use my car he said sure here u go i said giving him his car keys and going inside the house ashlye sat on the couch i sat on put of her making her ly down on the couch harry off of me she said i hold her hands not till u kiss me i said then she gave me a quick kiss on the cheeck no i didnt like that give me another one isaid she gave me a kiss on the lips right when she was going to pull away i held her so she wouldnt pull away and there we were kissing

zayn p.o.v

eww rated r people plz get a room i yelled as i walk in while harry and ashley were making out on the couch ashley laughed niqqa i know u anit talking u and cristal be doing the same shit said harry at least we keep it PG13 i said no u dont u be passed rated r way pass that said harry were is she anyways said ashley here im cristal said i kissed her see there u go said harry and every one just laughed

1 hour later 

liam came with a girl every one this is daniell she and me are a thing now said liam 

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