There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


14. best monday ever

Ashley p.o.v

its monday morning god i hate mondays i wish i could just skip school ashley some one is looking for u i heard my step mom yell i finish doing my hair and ran down stairs thinking it was cristal to my surprise it was harry well well well who do we have here i sAID lol hey girl i came to walk with u 2 skool cuz cristal and zayn said harry good let me get my bookbag i said and then ran up stairs i got my phone my headphones and bookbag i see u later frand i said to my brother kk gordie he said and went back to sleep i wish i could do the same ok u ready said harry yup i said and we left as we were walking i  stoped wats wrong he said  i really dont feel like going to school i said lets skip he said i laughed yea lets do that i said im for real he said no i cant do that i said yeah i forgot ur such a goddie goddie he said im not a goddie goddie i said then prove it he said fine lets skip were u wanna go i said lets go to umm.. lets go eat something and then bowling he said and we went to do that

liam's p.o.v

where is ashley i was going to ask her out today and she didnt even come wait where is harry styles what if they are togethere noo what im i thinking harry maybe stayed home his lazy self im going to text him to see where he is at


harry p.o.v

the day passed super fast i bet if we were in school it would be super slow why is that  -___-  this was the best monday ever i spend it with ashley i really like her im going to ask her out ashley i need to tell u something i said sure she said no im going to sing it better i said she giggle ok she said form the moment i met u everything changed i knew i had to get watever the pain i had to take u and make u mine i sang she lookeed confuse i really like u ever seen i saw that is why im soo happy that today u skip school with me it was the best day ever i said aww harry ur soo sweet she said that is why i wanna last yeah baby let me ur last frist kiss i said she laughed soo u asking me to be ur girl she said yup i said moving closer to her out of no where it started to rain oh men lets go before we get wet she said not until i get an answer i damanded fine ur answer is yes i would love to be ur girlfriend she siad when i heard her say yes i picked her up and kissed her ...... she pulled out of the kiss see now we got all wet she said laughing thats ok we will try ourself off i said with a checky smile lets go she said grabing my arm we got home to my house around 3:30 every one was there shot

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