There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


25. bad idea

niall p.o.v 

i was looking for the lads i think coming to this party was a bad idea every one was drunk as hell not saying i dont drink but sayn and cristal till is a school party and stuff and these ppl are to young for this hey niall said harry drunk as ever eww u have beer breath i said u see that blondy over there he said almost falling down harry where is ashley i asked who ?? anyways that girl is hot and tonight we going to rock he said with a stupid smile and left to the girl oh no poor ashley if she find him anyways were is zayn and cristal i cangt find them and i'm scare they might be doing something crazy 

matt p.o.v

 i see harry styles and my sister french kissing in the coner yess my plan is working out great all i need now is ashlye to see them so she breaks up with him so she can be mines forever 

liam p.o.v

me and ashley  were talking i think niall me and her were the only ones not drunk liam help me find harry she said now we were looking for harry all over the place finally we went up stairs we looked every where we even walked in on cristal and zayn by mistake eww the last door we oped we find who we were looking for and he was not alone he was french kissing a blond harry styles yelled ashley harry was drunk i could tell he push the girl away when he saw ashley i can tell u one thing if he was drunk before now he wasnt lol baby is not wat it looks like he said holding ashley's hand 

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