There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


26. bad idea part 2


baby is not wat it looks like said harry holding ashleys hand 

liam p.o.v

oh really then wat is it u were killing a bug that was on her lips said ashley with tears coming down her eyes harry looked at her then at me i hate u i dont ever want to see u agian in my life fuck u and dont touch me she yelled and ran out of the room with tears scrooling down her face i ran after her stupid harry i knew he was going to do this i knew ONE WAY OR ANOTHER  he was going to hurt her ashley hold on i yelled but she didnt hear me 

ashley p.o.v

i couldnt believe my eyes ugh i just wanted to kill harry how could he i hated him omg  i just kept running i wanted to get out of that room and party and fast i took off my heels and called a taxi but it was to late i was now down the street from were the party was at and i  could still hear the music i was sitting on  the ground crying my eyes out when i felt something or someone touch me i truned around to see liam he picked me up and hugged me and i cryed even harder when i finally clam down he spoke lets go to a hotel and talk for night he said i nodded my head and he called someone to pick us up after 39 min we were in the hotel and in our room it had 2 beds i sat down and put the heels on the floor go ahead say i told u so i said in a low voice no honey i wony say it even thought i did its not the moment for that he said and hugged me i cheak me phone 2 new voice mail 19 missed calles and 3 tyext mmg one was from kim letting me know that dad wass home 



hey guys i know i had so long i didnt up date sorry abt that had prombles witth my bf he broke my heart so i didnt feel like doing anything anyways i updated 3 new chapters to say sorry anyways kik me lovely ppl is gordiesforeveralways and comment wat u think should happen next 

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