There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


4. After school

Cristal P.O.V Omfg ms.flishmen is here talking shit about uniforme like I dont care I just want to go outside to meet up with niall and liam and ashley to meet the other lads ahhh I cannt believe this see u 2morrow dont forget I'm not allowing no late work said ms.flishmen and we left I run outside and saw liam standing there alone hey hey hey I said walking towards him hello love he said I coverd my face so he wouldnt see me blushing Niall P.O.V I was walking down the hall and I saw ashley and some boy fighting he kept on grabing her and she pulling away get away from me I dont want to talk to u I heard her yell no I love you he said Iif u would have love me u wouldnt have hurt me she said crying and then he pulled her close and kissed her she pulled him away and slap him I walked up to them hey bae I said gaving her a look so she would play along she looked at me hey she said cleaning her tears why are ur hands on my girlfriend I asked the boy nothing and he wisperd sometgibg in her ear and pushed me abd left thank u she said no problem thats what friends are for I said then she fell to the floor in front of her locker and stared to cry I sat next to her and huged her she wouldnt stop crying ashley we should get going I said yea she said and we started to walk outside Ashley P.O.V I feel bad for crying like that infront of niall when we went outside I saw cristal and liam waiting I run up to crisal I was stil crying she huged me and I started to cry even harder what happen she said looking at niall william I said finally th at dog how dare him mess with u wat he do wat he said she said cleaning my tears he kissed me I said well ashley I dont know anything abtout thia but I think that a beautiful girl like you shouldnt be crying becuase of a boy said liam he is right said niall yeah I said so lets get going cristal said yea lets go pual must be waitting and we walked towards the parking lot
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