There is nothing like us

2 girls who meet the boys form 1D and become best friends and then fell in love with each other


18. 18

Ashley P.O.V

what is just harry bae wat ever we walked in 2 the cafe and went over to the lads and cristal there was a girl there who was she hey hey hey i said hey they all said hey my name is anyha she said oh hey anyha i seen u around the school said harry ok no puased she is cute and harry kept looking at her guys harry and i need to tell u something i said looking at harry was in shock because i told him we should keep it in the low for now what said liam ashley and i go out said harry with a big smile WHAT the hell yelled liam and got up from the table and grab harry by the shirt why did  do it said liam i just looked at him what the fudge was going on bro i was not going to stop just  for u said harry getting mad i just looked at cristal hoping she an explian to me what the hell was going on but she didnt know 

liam p.o.v

i dont now what happen i got soo mad stupid curls her always gets the girls always him and zayn why did he have to go and ask ashley out no just no ashley can i talk to u i said now chilling down sue she said no she is not going anywhere said  harry i garb ashleys hand and took her out of the cafe are u ok she asked me no im not becuase harry just wants to play with u he said hey don worry daddy direction i think i can handle that she said giggleing no u cant harry is no good for u i said really and who is good for me she said i am i said what u like me she said 


cristal and zayn were kissing like always and niall was talking to anyha harry was mad and lui  was talking with a girl named tammy all the way cross the cafe 

A/N hey guys sorry for the stupid chapter is that im in school and its pretty hard to write 

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