Begin Again

"WHAT?!" she yells in disbelief.
"YES!!!!! BUT TRUST ME, AD!!!" I yell. I stay crouched holding the hood of the car every time Niall swerves.
She then steadily tries standing up. Colt swerves crazily, "AHHHH!!!!"
"Harry! Your plan- whatever it is- will kill her and you!!" Niall yells from the wheel.
"Didn't I just say... TRUST ME!!!"
I look towards Addie. She's crouching now holding onto the hood. I look to the gaping hole between us and the two roads. Her brother goes in for another hit in the wall.
"NOW!!!!" I yell.
She jumps. I jump towards her. We're flying through the air.
"HARRY!!!!!" Niall yells.
Addie screaming. I grab her when we meet each other in the air.I take all the weight and shift us so that she's on top of me when we fall onto the other road. We fall down.
"I love you!" I yell.
We then slam through a car driving. What great timing. I hit my head on the windshield...


6. Chapter 6

Addie's POV:

I struggle to open my eyes, but I finally do. My head is pounding. It feels as if I have a hangover, but I remember everything. I know I wasn't hung over. I wish I didn't wake up though. I want to get out of this hell hole. I realize now that I'm lying in a bed. Not just any bed but my brothers. I abruptly get up and wince, louder than I expect. I clutch my ribs and try to ignore the pain that was gradually growing stronger in my head. I shut my eyes trying to withstand the pain. I hadn't noticed that someone was beside me.

"Ad? Addie?" the voice said. I knew he it was.

"C-Colt?!" I say shocked. 

I open my eyes and turn to where his voice was coming from. He looked concerned.... for me... an expression I haven't seen in years. He smiled, "You're awake!"

He then tried to pull me into a hug but I scramble away, ignoring another wave of pain that hit me. I started to sob, "No! N-no.... d-d-don't touch me!"

"Addie..." he said, his face turning to sadness and guilt, knowing why I was shying away from him. He tried to touch my hand. I was too scared. Now and forever. I screamed and sobbed harder.

"NO!! Pl-please.... don't hurt me," I plead, even though I knew he wouldn't do anything. But I guess I finally snapped, "Get away! Get away!"

I kept repeating that. Not stopping. I was trembling all over. Was I really going mad? Probably.

"A-Addie... what's happening to you?!" Colt explained.

"No! Get away.... get away...." was all I could say. I sobbed harder than before. Not being able to keep on speaking the three words I've been saying.

As I sobbed I looked at Colt. He was started to cry too.

"I-I.... I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Please! Addie stop! I won't do it again. I-I can't loose you! You are okay! You're not going into trauma alright? You're per-perfectly fine! Please! I'm-"

"No! G-get away! Get a-away!" I finally speak.

"Addie.... please.... didn't you say you loved me? I'll be the same brother I was those years ago-"

"No! Get away! You're not him!!!"


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