Begin Again

"WHAT?!" she yells in disbelief.
"YES!!!!! BUT TRUST ME, AD!!!" I yell. I stay crouched holding the hood of the car every time Niall swerves.
She then steadily tries standing up. Colt swerves crazily, "AHHHH!!!!"
"Harry! Your plan- whatever it is- will kill her and you!!" Niall yells from the wheel.
"Didn't I just say... TRUST ME!!!"
I look towards Addie. She's crouching now holding onto the hood. I look to the gaping hole between us and the two roads. Her brother goes in for another hit in the wall.
"NOW!!!!" I yell.
She jumps. I jump towards her. We're flying through the air.
"HARRY!!!!!" Niall yells.
Addie screaming. I grab her when we meet each other in the air.I take all the weight and shift us so that she's on top of me when we fall onto the other road. We fall down.
"I love you!" I yell.
We then slam through a car driving. What great timing. I hit my head on the windshield...


43. Chapter 41

Addie's POV:

I got to the house with Greg and Vince. Greg's really nice and such. He seems so familiar, I just don't know where I've seen him before though. I got out the car and went to get my things, but Vince and Greg stopped me and grabbed them instead. I laughed saying that I could do it and that it wasn't heavy.... they wouldn't budge.

"Oh shit! I forgot the wedding gift in the back seat!" I exclaimed.

"Skar... you need to remember these things!" Vince laughed as I went back.

I heard the door open and a voice shouting my fiancée's name. My fiancée, I thought. My fiancée's Vince, but I always thought it would be Harry. I stopped myself. I didn't want to think about him. I need to stop.... I may not ever see him again. Ever. I walked up to the doorstep where Vince and Greg were. I heard a voice ask, "Where's your fiancée?"

I looked up and said, "I'm right here-!"

My voice caught at the end. I probably looked as shock as they were looking at me. Shit... do they recognize me?! Standing in front of me was Harry and Niall..... I realized I still had a shocked expression. Alright, Addie, I thought, play it cool. They might not think you are who you think they think you are. But why are they here? And then it hit me.... I saw the resemblance right then and there. Vince, Greg and Niall all had a brotherly resemblance. The same blue eyes... they same heights and smiles. I hesitated, but then spoke.

"You never told me your brother was Niall Horan from One Direction!" I laughed. I played it cool as if I was shocked because I was a fan.... which I was.... of course, "I feel so out of place right now.... Um hi... I'm Skarlet... it's spelt S-k-a-r-l-e-t, but you can call me Skar if you'd like."

I watched the two as I held my hand out, Niall looked at Harry, both with shocked expressions, but Niall quickly changed his expression to amusement. He pulled me into a hug and laughed, "No need for handshakes, love! You're going to be family now!"

He let go of me and smiled, "You seem to be a fan?"

"I am... sort of-"

"You never had anything showing that," Vince chuckled.

"Because I'm discreet!"

They all laughed... Harry slightly smiled. He looked at me weirdly. I knew why.... he'd know me from anywhere. But it doesn't mean blow my cover.

"Excuse me? If there something wrong?" I turned and asked him. I eyed him down watching him closely.

"I know it's you."

And everyone turned to him in shock.

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