Begin Again

"WHAT?!" she yells in disbelief.
"YES!!!!! BUT TRUST ME, AD!!!" I yell. I stay crouched holding the hood of the car every time Niall swerves.
She then steadily tries standing up. Colt swerves crazily, "AHHHH!!!!"
"Harry! Your plan- whatever it is- will kill her and you!!" Niall yells from the wheel.
"Didn't I just say... TRUST ME!!!"
I look towards Addie. She's crouching now holding onto the hood. I look to the gaping hole between us and the two roads. Her brother goes in for another hit in the wall.
"NOW!!!!" I yell.
She jumps. I jump towards her. We're flying through the air.
"HARRY!!!!!" Niall yells.
Addie screaming. I grab her when we meet each other in the air.I take all the weight and shift us so that she's on top of me when we fall onto the other road. We fall down.
"I love you!" I yell.
We then slam through a car driving. What great timing. I hit my head on the windshield...


41. Chapter 39

Heylo, my beautiful Runies! LOL Idk... I've been trying to come up with a name for my fans. Even though there aren't many of you. LOL. I was thinking it could do with one of my fav series, Mortal Instruments.....  I am so sorry it has taken me SOOOO long to update. As you all know school has started. It's my number one priority right now. I just started high school and I'm still trying to get the hang of it! Anyways.... here you go! J


Harry's POV:

I sat on the bench in the park where I first met Addie. I reminisced on how young we were, on how clueless we were to one another. How, we would fall in love later in life. But... never get the chance to show one another. Where would she be now? Two years, ago she had stopped taking her course in teaching because of everything that had happened. Would she be a teacher now? Would she be at her job right now, laughing as she taught the kids? Would I be secretly there, watching how happy she was? I don't know. But I smiled. I smiled at the thought that I know she would be scolding me now about stop thinking about  'What if?' but of 'What about now?' I smiled at how she would be giving me that face full of cheekiness and giving me a speech of, stop regretting and start making memories because we're not going to live forever, crap. Then I laughed and said, it was a load of bull that we weren't making memories right then and there. Thinking about it now. She was right.

"Harry?!" someone yelled angrily. I looked up.

"Your late for the rehearsal dinner!!!" it was a very angry Perrie, stomping towards me. Zayn tagging along behind her, way... way... way, behind her snickering.

"Sorry, I was um... just reminiscing," I grinned with a cheeky smile.

"You can do that later! Come ON!" she said, taking my hand and pulling me on.

Addie's POV:

"Skar," said Uncle Jack said. He and Auntie Gya were sitting at the table. Vince and I had gone home to tell my 'parents' the news. And Uncle Jack knew... this was a big step for me, "Are you sure about this?"

He acted very fatherly, as if he didn't want his 'baby girl' growing up so fast, "Yes, Daddy. I.... Love him."

I smiled and looked up to Vince. Vince started to speak, "Sir, I promise I won't hurt your daughter in any way. I love her. I could never. I understand her past boyfriends have, but I'm not necessarily her boyfriend anymore."

I laughed.

"As long as you make my little Skar, happy," Auntie Gya said.

"He does," I said.

Then Uncle Jack dropped the huge bomb on me, "You're sure you're ready to move on from Hayden?"

Auntie Gya shot him a look.

I was hesitant at first, but I replied, "I love Vince, with all my heart. That's why I'm marrying him. He's not just my best friend, he's my soul mate...." I whispered the last words. I was barely audible, "Just like Hayde... I love Vincent the same way."

"Who is Hayde?" Vince said. He had a hurt look in his eyes, "I thought we told each other everything?"

He stomped off, "Vince! Vince!" I yelled as I ran after him, stopping at the door and I turned around.

"Why would you said that Jack?"

I then ran off to find him. I saw him sitting under a tree. It was cold, and it started to snow. I walked up to him and sat beside him.


"Why... what?" I asked, knowing the answer.

"Why didn't you tell me about this Hayden kid?"

"Because..... I- I..." I took in a deep breath. I had came up with this lie when I met Vince and started falling for him, "Hayden.... he was my boyfriend."

Tears brimmed at my eyes. Vince looked at me. His expression changed from anger to concern, "Wait? Did he hurt you, Skar? Tell me where he is! I'll-"

"No.... Vince. Hayden's dead."


"That's why I came back home. I came back to Sweden because of what had happened. We were.... we were driving out at night. I had snuck out with him for my birthday. And.... and we were in an accident. We were turning left at the stop light when a car hit us from behind. He was hit on his side by a truck coming from the right. I had pulled him out with all my might. He died in my arms, on my birthday," I was sobbing now. Because... it felt real. It felt like it happened, "That's why I never really liked my birthday. That's why I had no real reason to celebrate it anymore... but now I do."

He kissed me. When we parted our lips he spoke, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry I didn't trust you. That I got angry.... If I had known-"

"Vince... it's fine. Look if you were jealous, at least now I know you really care. If you weren't I might have been a little worried."

He smiled. We arrived back home and Jack apologized for everything. Of course, Vince, being Vince, forgave him. He left and told me he was going to call his brothers and tell them the news. I smiled as he walked out the door.

I turned and frowned as I close the door, "Why would you drop that on me?!"

I was angry at Jack. Does he want me to tell Vince the truth?

"I wanted to see if you were sure. If you were making the right choice. That you weren't marrying Vince because he's a distraction from Harry."

"I would never do that! I love Vince!" I said. Although it was a lie. I loved Vince... but I loved Harry more.

"You love him... we know. But you are not IN love with him. You're in love with Harry," Auntie Gya said.

I sighed in frustration and went up to my room. Of course... there was always a catch to my happiness.

Niall's POV:

"Niall!" Eleanor ran up to me. We were all at the rehearsal dinner for Zayn and Perrie's wedding. El was holding my phone. She yelled through the music when she came out to me, "Someone's been calling you for the last 10 minutes. I don't know who it is, but I think they really want to talk."

She handed me the phone. I nodded and walked out so that I could hear whomever was calling.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Niall!" the recognizable voice called out, "I have great news!!!!"

"Vince?! Is that you! Sorry, I hadn't answered, I'm at Zayn's rehearsal dinner for his and Perrie's wedding.... anyways, what's the news?" I asked curiously.

"You know how I've been dating my girlfriend Skarlet, for about two years now?"


"Skar said yes to me today! She's going to marry me!" he said excitedly.

"Seriously! Congrats, mate! Have you called our brother, Greg yet?"

"I didn't want to bother him with a phone call, since he's got Theo. I was wondering if you could tell him for me?"

"Ya, sure! We should all celebrate! You know? Come to the wedding as originally planned and then we can announce it and everything!" I said happily.

"You think that Zayn and Perrie would mind?"

"No! They know you. I know they'd want to!"

"Thanks, Niall! We'll see you there. Our flights in two days."

We hung up and I laughed to myself. Both my brothers were settling down. My sister.... Has a boyfriend and my brother has a wife and kids. Now my other brother was getting married! When will I get my chance at love?

I headed back inside to tell the others the news.


Okay so I think this was a pretty shitty chapter.... im sorry. But things are about to get heated like HOT TAMALES!             no?                  okay...               Anyways. Like, Favourite, Fan, Comment, Enjoy! Write you later Lovely's!

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