Begin Again

"WHAT?!" she yells in disbelief.
"YES!!!!! BUT TRUST ME, AD!!!" I yell. I stay crouched holding the hood of the car every time Niall swerves.
She then steadily tries standing up. Colt swerves crazily, "AHHHH!!!!"
"Harry! Your plan- whatever it is- will kill her and you!!" Niall yells from the wheel.
"Didn't I just say... TRUST ME!!!"
I look towards Addie. She's crouching now holding onto the hood. I look to the gaping hole between us and the two roads. Her brother goes in for another hit in the wall.
"NOW!!!!" I yell.
She jumps. I jump towards her. We're flying through the air.
"HARRY!!!!!" Niall yells.
Addie screaming. I grab her when we meet each other in the air.I take all the weight and shift us so that she's on top of me when we fall onto the other road. We fall down.
"I love you!" I yell.
We then slam through a car driving. What great timing. I hit my head on the windshield...


3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV:

"..... Oh... I won't let these little things slip, out of my mouth. 'Cause it's you, oh it's you, you, you (my version of singing it lol-J) They add up to. I'm in love with you. And all these little things....."

I soon saw a crowd of people by the diner called, Anna's. The music got louder, and so did the voice, "You can't go to bed, without a cup of tea," as she sang I tried to get to the front of the crowd to see her. I then heard a second voice, a little girl, "But maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep."

The older girl sang again, "And all those conversations are the secrets, " as she sang an older woman waved and the girl smiled and kissed, well let's call her the Singer, on the cheek and ran off, "that I keep though it makes no sense to me."

I walked up. I don't know where the courage came from, but I did it anyways. Maybe for her to see me. We sang in unison, me harmonizing with her, "I know you never loved the sound of your voice on tape...."

Liam started to whisper my name, "Harry?! Harry!?"

The Singer, looked startled but kept on singing, "You never want to know how much you weigh. You still love to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to m-"

Suddenly a group of teenage girls screamed. I turned around to see some girls coming at Liam and I. They started to push people through the crowd to get to us. Someone took the Singer and pushed her down. They then took her guitar and smashed it. Singer stood up and was about to attack but I pulled her into the Diner before she could. Liam locked the door as fans screamed and yelled and kicked the door. The Singer then looked through the window to see that her money was stolen and everything was ruined.


"I'm sorry I just wanted to meet-"

"I know who you are Styles. I know your band. How stupid are you?! You know how famous you are! Now look! Look at what you did!!!!" her voice was getting higher every minute.

"I can get you a new guitar. Give you-"

"I don't need your fucking help!!!!! JUST GO! LEAVE! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! MY GOD!"

She shoved past me walking towards the back but I grabbed her before she left. She turned around and slapped me, "Look. I know your sorry, but you don't understand how hard it is to WORK FOR A LIVING! I AM ALREADY HAVING A HARD TIME AT HOME! I DON'T NEED YOU MESSING UP MY LIFE TOO!"

She then stormed off. I then heard the engine of a motorbike zoom off.

"I told you Harry. Look what happened. You need to fix this," Liam said.

Suddenly a woman and a girl who's name was Gabrielle (name tag) walked up to us, "I am so sorry. My friend, is just, having a rough time. Trust me, if you get on her calm, nice, good side she's amazing to be around."

"No, no, um.... it's fine. I'll pay for everything and get her new music equipment. I owe her that.... um I was wondering....." I didn't know if it was appropriate to ask so my voice trailed off.

"Yes?" the woman asked.

"Um.... you know what? Never mind, sorry for the inconvenience, we'll be on our way now."

Liam then spoke up, "Yes, we're truly sorry, our security guards will be here any moment to retrieve us."

"No problem, sweetie." the woman said and went back to finishing orders on the tables waiting, well more like watching our disturbance, patiently. The girl, Gabrielle, turned to us.

"Really, on behalf of my friend so, sorry," she then wrote something down, "This is our number. If you need to reach us about that thing you needed, you can call here," she then leaned in whispering into my ear, "or to talk to my friend." She then walked away waving goodbye as she followed to where her friend had left.

I should've just listened to Liam.....

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