Begin Again

"WHAT?!" she yells in disbelief.
"YES!!!!! BUT TRUST ME, AD!!!" I yell. I stay crouched holding the hood of the car every time Niall swerves.
She then steadily tries standing up. Colt swerves crazily, "AHHHH!!!!"
"Harry! Your plan- whatever it is- will kill her and you!!" Niall yells from the wheel.
"Didn't I just say... TRUST ME!!!"
I look towards Addie. She's crouching now holding onto the hood. I look to the gaping hole between us and the two roads. Her brother goes in for another hit in the wall.
"NOW!!!!" I yell.
She jumps. I jump towards her. We're flying through the air.
"HARRY!!!!!" Niall yells.
Addie screaming. I grab her when we meet each other in the air.I take all the weight and shift us so that she's on top of me when we fall onto the other road. We fall down.
"I love you!" I yell.
We then slam through a car driving. What great timing. I hit my head on the windshield...


22. Chapter 20

What the hell is Harry going to do? Call's me in the middle of the night-on game night with the lads- if I may so add! Suddenly Zayn stops what he is doing. He's looking at his phone in disbelief. 

"TURN ON THE NEWS!" He yells as he points to the T.V. 

"What the hell, Zayn? No! I'm on level 10!" Liam says back. 

"Zayn, what's wrong?" I ask him.

"Just turn on the damn t.v. It's about Harry." 

Liam looks at me in confusion. I just shrug, "Whatever.... just... we'll reschedule guys night. Half of us aren't even here..... Liam. Change it."

Liam turns on the News Channel. On the screen what we see... it's hard to believe.

"I'm Rebecca Long here at the extraordinary scene that has just happened on the Humber Bridge. Niall Horan and Harry Styles were seen leaving the St. John's hospital speeding off in a black porche. We reportedly saw them driving after, Harry Styles' girlfriend, Addison Rodriguez and allegedly, brother Colton Rodriguez according to license plates. Our helicopters watched the speed chase above, as seen now on screen. The red ferrari is Miss. Rodriguez's and side by side the 1970's Ford Escort RS2000. The ferrari was hit repeatedly into the cement wall, as seen on the scene in front of you. As you can see a small figure is climbing out of the red vehicle and onto the 70's Ford. The Ford keeps swerving which looks as if the driver is trying to get her off of the hood of his vehicle. On the other road of the bridge, swerving between cars coming from the other direction is, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Now we think Harry had been driving at first and switched seats half way through the action. As you can see the car swerves a bit, and then you can see another figure coming out of the black porche. We know that this is Styles. Horan swerves closer to the wall. At this part we don't really know what is being said. But whatever it was, Styles causes Miss. Rodriguez to get into a crouching position, leading to the next incident. He as well is in the same position. Here, at this particular part of the video.... surprises us all. As the Ford swerves, Styles screams something out and Rodriguez jumps off the car, as well as Styles on the other side. Now remember there is a gap here... *points to screen* between the east and west road. That is a 20 foot drop into the water below. The miracle is... here."

And on the screen, as it replays.... Harry and Addie jump towards one another. They meet in the middle and you can tell Harry cradles her. The bodies turn as they fall onto the east road. The lucky son of a bitch has a car coincidentally coming towards them as they fall. Harry's body hits the car first. Then... you can tell something went wrong. Addie looks as if she's shaking Harry, like... Harry isn't conscious. 

"Now as we arrive to the scene, we can see the Ford speeding off. Here is Eric Johnson live at the scene. Eric."


"Yes... Hi, Rebecca. As you can see I am here at the scene. It's really hectic here as the Paramedics and Officers have just arrived. As you can see in this video right here - just put on YouTube, by a teenage boy in one of the cars in front of the vehicle Rodriguez, and Styles crash into- the witness films the jump to the crash and hectic actions of Rodriguez. You see it seems Styles had hit his head hard on the windshield using his body trying to protect Rodriguez. The video ends here. Oh wait, the paramedics have someone on the stretcher."

The dude tries to get closer to the person on the stretcher. Officers stop him from entering the scene. But the camera gets a shot of the person on it...... It's Harry.

He's unconscious, there's blood on the pillow. The camera locks the video footage he sees. There's another stretcher, Addie is on it. She crying histerically.

"I don't need help!" she yells, "WHERE IS HE?!"

"Mam' please calm down you-"

"No! I'll calm down when I'm with him and he is okay!"

She's then wheeled into the same ambulance as Harry. A car drives up, it's Niall's. We watch as Niall gets out of the car. Police officers stop him. 

"Hey! Man! Let me in! Those are my friends!" he says as he fights to get through.

"Sorry, Mr. Horan. But you can't."

"Look, my friend is having a hard time. Right now, I don't think she'll be able to think straight. Someone needs to be there to watch them both. Please. I can try and calm her down."

The officers let him through. The reporter gets the camera man back on him. He talks some more, but now everything's a blur.

"We need to go," I say abruptly.

Zayn and Liam just nod. They turn off the t.v. and we head to the car.

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