RUN (16+)

Tammy was just a regular 17 year old girl,well that is untill she got her first boyfriend. Now he's out to get her.Tammy goes to a concert with her friend Anna. She isnt quite shure which band was playing.Before she knew it her boyfriend came through the crowd of people. He went to grab Tammy , but she ran for it little did anybody know he had a knife on him. Will she escape?Find out.


2. running

The banging had stopped. The silence scared me. I didnt dare to move out from under the bed. I heard the door being rammed open. I started shaking , my hands getting sweaty as i heard footsteps approach the room. I wasnt breathing, as the door oppened. "No use in hiding love" I heard him slur. He came up to the bed and i stayed as still as possible."Darling I know your in here" Jayce yelled . I didnt respond. Tears were starting to fall down m yface. I couldnt get out i was trapped. Then i remember that i put my purse under the bed. I reached over to grab it luckily i got it without making a sound. I dug my phone out and dialled the police. They picked up. Thank god. I whispered into the phone. Please come help me my boyfriend is trying to find and kill me. The women on the other end said that the police would be on their way. Thank you i said but a little to loudly. Jayce reached under the bed and took hold of my wrists. He pulled me out, i didnt say a word. " Your comming with me beutiful." Jayce growled at me. Tears were now seeping down my face. He pulled me down the hallway and there was Anne laying unconscious on the ground. I started to scream at Jayce " GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed at his face. All he did was laugh. How could someone be so sick? Why was he doing this to me? Nevermind i know why he is here to get rid of the witness. I hear sirens from down the road, thank god they're coming. "WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK DID YOU DO?" Jayce yelled. I stayed silent and didnt do anything. Jayce gripped my wrists tighter and slapped me across my face. A police car turned down the street. Jayce threw me down and kicked me. "you will regret what you did." He tells me. He quickly jumps the fence and runs away. How the fuck did he find me here? I thought. I lay on the floor as blackness ingulped me.
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