RUN (16+)

Tammy was just a regular 17 year old girl,well that is untill she got her first boyfriend. Now he's out to get her.Tammy goes to a concert with her friend Anna. She isnt quite shure which band was playing.Before she knew it her boyfriend came through the crowd of people. He went to grab Tammy , but she ran for it little did anybody know he had a knife on him. Will she escape?Find out.


1. Boyfriend Trouble


I decided to go home early from the party. When I got home I collapsed on the couch. I soon started to doze off. I woke up to someone yelling and screaming, then a "BANG." I ran outside and found a blood trail. I followed it up to the side of the house. I couldn't believe what I SAW!!!

      There my boyfriend was and a dead body laying next to him. I didn't have a clue who the person was I just wanted to run away.I was in a state of shock. I turned around and started to run for it, but before I could start my boyfriend jumped out in front of me."where do you think your going miss" he said. I was in a panick. I backed away slowly."COME HERE NOW BITCH" he grabbed my wrist I tried to get free, but his grasp was to strong.

I  started to scream nobody was here so I knew I was the only one to who could save myself. I kicked him in his balls. I managed to free myself from his grip and escape I was running down the sidewalk. I wanted to get as far away from this place as possible. I just want to be safe. My phone buzzed I didn't dare read it. I decided to run to my friend Anna's house. I could only hope she could be there.

     Tears were streaming down my face by the time I reached her door. I knocked. Before I knew it she blurted out "WHAT HAPPENED?' I could tell that she was really worried about me and scared. I didn't speak a word. I could tell that I looked really bad, but i didnt care one bit.

 She took me by my hand and pulled me into her house. I sat on the couch pooring my eyes out into one of her nice fabricated pillows. She asked me once again, well demanded it more. "What happened Tam tell me." . I calmed down and began to speak .I told her to promise that she could never tell anyone about. I didn't want anybody else to know or bring it up. Anna scooted closer to me and I began to talk in a shaky voice. I was so scared about what had happened. She told me that she would do anything to help. I remembered I got a text I pulled my phone out and began to read.

From :Jayce  To : Tammy

 "You know you can't get away from me that easy sweet heart." " I will find you and make you PAY for leaving me." " If you tell anyone about what happened I swear I will  KILL you." I started to cry.


Anne came and comforted me I dozed off because all that crying had made me tired.

When I woke up I found that it was morning I got up off the couch. Anna was making breakfast and it was my favorite! "FRENCH TOAST!" I screamed startling Anna a bit.

"Well it's good to see you up by the way I read that text on your phone from Jayce." "So I decided today we are going to get you a new phone and number so he can't text or find you!" " How does that sound sweety?" I gave a little smile in response.


  We ate breakfast and started to get ready for the day when I remembered I didn't have any extra clothes to ware. " Well I guess we're going to the thrift store too" Anna exclaimed. We got to the sprint store. It didn't take much time for me to pick out a phone. I chose a Samsung Galaxy S3. I was very happy that my boyfriend well umm... Jayce  didn't have my phone number any more. After that we walked to the thrift store. I decided to get some a pear of running shoes,converse, about 12 cute T's, 2 pears of shorts, 3 skinny jeans, sweat pants, and a leather jacket with pockets on the inside. The price wasn't to bad. It was only $24.69. We drove home. Anna told me that I could stay as long as i needed to. We decided we would go to the mall tomorrow to get me some more clothes since I only had a few,also to distract me from what happened Anna showed me my room I would be staying in. She asked me if I wanted to hammer the windows shut. I shook my head and told her that I will be fine. When she left the room I locked the window and closed the curtains so nobody will see me. I lay in my bed thinking about what had happened yesterday. Only wishing I wasn't there. I dozed off into sleep.

I heard banging on the door I got up made the bed and slipped underneath the bed into a little spot where nobody could see me. I was scared he couldn't have found me could he?

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