Just the Right Time *One Direction Love Story*

Bianca and Alicia weren't ordinary 18 year old girls. Yes, they love One Direction. Yes, they have their hopes and dreams. But they had voices. Their whole like changed when Simon Cowell signed them. What happens when they collide with the biggest boy band on earth?


4. The interview :)

Bianca's POV

We both got into the car. You could tell we were both nervous because we were quiet and shaking. I mean, you can't blame us. This is our very first interview! With the Ellen! Come on. You can not tell me you would not be nervous. I pulled up to the studio and got out only to be surrounded by fans. Alicia and I signed autographs and took some pictures. "Alright, guys! We have to go! See you all later!!" I yelled. They all screamed and we went inside. "Holy s-" Alicia interuppted me. "Cow...Holy cow.." I shook my head. Ellen walked up to us. "Hello girls! It's a pleasure to meet you! And may I just say I am very honored to be your first interview." Ellen told us. "Well, we're honored to be here! We have always wanted to meet you since we were younger. You have been a big part in our lives." Alicia said. "It's true." I added. Ellen laughed. "That's flattering girls! Well I must go get prepared for the show. See you on stage." Ellen walked away. "Oh mah gawd. She is amaZAYN!!!!!" I said. "Your inner fangirl is coming out." Alicia told me. "Whatever!" A producer walked up to us. "Okay girls. Ellen is going to announce you then you walk on stage. Got it?" We both nodded. "Okay everyone! And 5, 4, 3, 2..." "Hello and welcome to the Ellen show! And may I just say we have some fabulous guests tonight. Okay let's cut right to the chase. Bianca and Alicia...Come on out here!!!" The place filled with roars of cheer. Alicia and I both walked out. We talked for a while and then a question came up. "What about your love life?" I raised an eyebrow. "My love life?" I questioned. Ellen nodded. "Well...I don't have one!" The crowd laughed. "The truth is, we are so busy! We don't have time for a love life. Well I don't. Little miss Alicia here has a boyfriend." Alicia turned bright red. "Is this true, Alicia?" Ellen asked. "Yes. I mean it's nothing serious. We've only been dating for a month." "Pa-Lease. I here your phone conversations. I live with you. Don't even give me that." I said laughing. "Okay. Okay. Let's move on.." Alicia said. "Alright...Are you guys familiar with the boyband..One Direction?" Ellen asked which earned screams from the crowd. "Let's be honest. If you don't know the 5 sexy, talented boys you have no life." I said. "Oh..so your a fan Bianca?" "So is Alicia. I mean...You can NOT hate them. I mean...Look at them!" A picture of them showed up on the screen. "Come on! Who's with me!!!" The whole crowd screamed..Well...the female population. I smirked. "Well..I see Alicia is the quiet won and Bianca's the loud one." Ellen laughed. "H-" Alicia looked at me."Yeah Buddy!!" I yelled. Gosh. I can't curse. This is hard. "You know. It is quite hard not cursing. Being Irish and all..." "Yes, yes. Well girls...Do you mind if we bring some more guests out?" She asked. "Not at all" Alicia said and smiled sweetly. "Okay! Here is ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!" I laughed as the boys came out. We all tried fitting on the couch but that didn't work to well. I gave up and stood behind the couch in between Harry and Louis. "Do you really think we're sexy?" Louis asked me. The whole crowd screamed. "Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately, babe?" I replied. The room actually shook when the crowd screamed this time. The whole band turned a slight red and I laughed. I watched as Liam put his arm around Alicia. I giggled and turned my attention towards Ellen. "Boys...A question for you from a fan. Who do you like better, Alicia or Bianca?" Ellen said. "OH GIRL IT'S ON!" I yelled jokingly. Everyone laughed and Alicia threw a pillow at me which hit me right in the face. "Ow..Pillows hurt..." "Boys?" 


A/N: Okay so I re edited the last chapter. If you want the links to any outfits or want to know what the girls look like, just comment! :) Thanks for reading <3

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