Just the Right Time *One Direction Love Story*

Bianca and Alicia weren't ordinary 18 year old girls. Yes, they love One Direction. Yes, they have their hopes and dreams. But they had voices. Their whole like changed when Simon Cowell signed them. What happens when they collide with the biggest boy band on earth?


5. Table for 7 please! :) Err...or 10... O_o

Bianca's POV

"Boys?" Ellen questioned again. "I have to say Bianca," Harry said. "Yeah me too. Bianca," Louis. "Um..Alicia," Niall. "Bianca," Zayn. And last but not least, Liam, "Alicia." Figures. Haha. Well...I got 3/5...I don't know if that's good though. Haha. "Well...That's very interesting. I can see Harry and Louis liking Bianca, but I thought Zayn would go for the quiet girl. Guess not." Ellen said. We laughed. Alicia's phone buzzed. I saw her secretly look at her phone. Her face fell. Liam looked at her questionably until she showed him the text. He wrapped his arm tighter around her trying to comfort her as much as he could without making it so obvious. Alicia turned to face me. "Mason broke up with me.." She mouthed. My mouth turned into an 'o' shape. I nodded my head and fixated on Ellen again. "You know, I forgot to say this, but Alicia and Bianca...You look incredible. Who picked out the outfits?" Ellen asked. "Oh I did. And thank you. I'm glad you like them." I said and put on a smile. The boys, Alicia, and I talked with Ellen a bit longer. "Well, that's all the time we have for today! Thank you One Direction, Bianca, and Alicia. We enjoyed having you." We said goodbye and walked backstage. As soon as we did I hugged Alicia. "I'm sooooo sorry! He is a total jerk face!" I said. "But hey...you can have Liam now" I whispered and winked. She narrowed her eyes at me. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go make out with Harry.." She said. "Okay!" I said and skipped over to Harry. "Hey Harry! Wanna make out?" I said jokingly. "Sure!" Before I could respond, Harry crashed his lips into mine. It took me a minute to process what was going on, but eventually, I started to enjoy it and kiss back. Alicia walked over. "I didn't mean literally!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled. I pulled away with my face bright red. "See you later, love," Harry winked and walked away. Alicia crossed her arms, obviously waiting for an explanation. "Icameovertohimaskedhimifhewantedtomakeoutjokinglyandthenhekissedme!" I said in one breath. I gasped for air. Alicia laughed and walked away only to come back with the boys. "We're going to Nandos.." Liam said. "OOOH!!! FOOD!!" I yelled. "OMG FOOD BUDDY!" Niall grabbed my hand and we ran out to the car with everyone else chasing us. "Niall! Don't steal my gir- I mean Bianca!!!" Harry yelled. I laughed at him almost calling me his girlfriend. We all got in the car and drove off to Nandos. 

*At Nandos*

We all got out of the car and went into Nandos. "Table for 7 pl-" Three fans interrupted me. "Make that 10!" Said the one with the blonde highlights. "Or 10???" "Right this way please.." The waiter led us to a table and we all sat down, including the 3 fans. "OMG I can't believe we are sitting with One Direction and the Soul Sisterz!! AHHH" The one with wavy brown hair said. "Okay so My name's MacKenzie but you can call me Macky." One girl said. "I'm Olivia or Livy!" The one with blonde highlights said. "And I'm Cora!" The final one greeted. Oh great.....Complete strange fans. -_-


A/N: Sorry Macky, Livy, and Cora! Wanted you in here somehow! <3 Til Next time <3

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