Just the Right Time *One Direction Love Story*

Bianca and Alicia weren't ordinary 18 year old girls. Yes, they love One Direction. Yes, they have their hopes and dreams. But they had voices. Their whole like changed when Simon Cowell signed them. What happens when they collide with the biggest boy band on earth?


3. Just the Beginning :)

Bianca's POV

I woke up early with the sun burning my eyes. I groaned. "ALICIA! GET UP! WE HAVE AN INTERVIEW LATER!!" I screamed. Alicia walked into my room. "Way ahead of you.." Alicia said. I rolled my eyes and kicked off the covers. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Ellen," she responded. "Yes! I've always wanted to go on her show!" I shooed  Alicia out so I could get ready. I walked into my personal bathroom and took a hot shower. I got out, wrapped a towel around me and blow dried my hair. I quickly got changed and did my make-up and hair. I was wearing a tie dyed crop top, white high waist shorts, low pink converse and a beanie over my curled hair. I put on some red lipstick and some black eyeshadow. To top everything off, I added my belly button piercing and my infinity necklace.


I looked in the mirror. I was pleased with the final result. I stuck my phone in my pocket and went downstairs. 


Alicia's POV

I was searching through my closet for clothes. I couldn't find anything. I wanted to make a great impression on everyone because this is our very first interview. "BIANCA!" Bianca ran up the steps and into my room. "Yeah?" Her Irish accent rang through my ears. "I need help picking out and outfit..." Bianca smirked. She was already dressed and looking like herself. She searched through my closet and threw clothes on my bed. "You're welcome!" She said as she walked out. "How did I not see this?" I thought to myself. I got dressed and was very pleased. I was wearing a white shirt with a smiley face with the Britain flag background, black studded shorts, blue heels, and a headband with a bow on my wavy hair. I put on pink lipstick and some blue and white eye shadow to finish everything.



"Bianca are you ready?!?!?"

"Yes! Lets Go! I'm Driving!"


I ran downstairs and met Bianca in the car. First interview, Here we come!!! <3


A/N: WEY HEY! Uh...sorry if this chapter sucked lmao Well....more will be coming along with new characters! Hope you liked it! BYEEEE <3



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