Just the Right Time *One Direction Love Story*

Bianca and Alicia weren't ordinary 18 year old girls. Yes, they love One Direction. Yes, they have their hopes and dreams. But they had voices. Their whole like changed when Simon Cowell signed them. What happens when they collide with the biggest boy band on earth?


6. CRASH!!!!

Bianca's POV

They seem crazed too. Just lovely. We ordered our food and they said it would be a while. NOOOO! ._. This couldn't get any worst. The girls were on their phones, taking pictures of us, and obviously blogging. "So...Girls...Where are you from?" Louis asked. "Oh, we're all from Pennsylvania!!!!" Cora said. "That's a lovely state," Alicia said. "Yeah...But I prefer Florida. It's warm there," I said. "OMG! We have so much in common!" McKenzi said. "Lovely," I smiled. I started talking to Harry and Louis, who were sitting across from me. "Bianca, are you dating Harry? Or Louis?" Olivia asked. "No. I made out with Harry, though," I said laughing. "You what?!" Louis half yelled. "Come down, Lou," I said looking at him weirdly, "And girls, please don't blog that. The papz don't need to know." They nodded and went back to their phones. The food finally came and we all ate. I looked at the time. "Ah! Shit! I have to go!!" I said standing up. "Where are you going?" Zayn asked. "I'm going to go to an orphanage! See ya!" I yelled and ran outside. I drove off to the orphanage. Sometimes, kids need a boost.


Alicia's POV

"Well, that was abnormal. Now, I don't have a ride. Mind driving me?" I asked. Normally, I would know about Bianca's charity work. She does a lot of it and always tells me. But I did not know she was going to an orphanage today. "Of course not! It was very nice meeting you girls but we have to go! Bye." Liam said. Before I walked away, I turned around to the girls. I wrote my number down and smiled. "If you want tickets, just call," i said. "Thank you!" They all said and then I ran after the boys. We started driving to my flat I share with Bianca. My phone started ringing. "Hello?" I said. "Yes, hi. Is this Alicia? Bianca's partner. "Yes it is. Is everything okay?" I asked. "I'm afraid not. Bianca was in a serious car accident and is in the hospital." I hung up the phone. "STOP THE CAR AND GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" I screamed. Louis smashed on the breaks and sped off towards the hospital. "What's going on?!?" Liam asked. "Bianca's was in a car crash!" I started crying into Liam's chest.


My eyes stung from the tears and my face was puffy. We all ran inside. "Bianca Brunelle! What room!?" I demanded at the receptionist. "Room 669" We ran through the halls until we got to her room. Bianca looked like a lost puppy. "Hey Bianca," I said quietly. "Hello," She said roughly. I went to her bed side. Her eyes began to droop and soon she fell asleep. I sighed and leaned into Liam. Why did it have to be Bianca? Why not me? She does nothing but charity work and this is what she gets. It's not fair. It's just not fair.

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